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Selene news...


We have now sold Selene and are buying something a bit bigger - a Nauticat 35 - we wish the new owners all the best and good sailing in the future. We loved this boat and she looked after us. Click here for the new BLOG


We sailed 9205 Nautical Miles from 14 October 2005 - 6 January 2013    



Selene leaves us Saturday 23rd February 2013


I met Martin and Ian, the new owners of Selene on board and showed them how everything worked, and then shed a small tear as they took her away for new adventures.



Area 15 Rally to Yarmouth Jan 5-6, 2013


Came out of Haslar at 0700 in the dark and motored against a light headwind to Yarmouth. Julia stayed in bed until 0900 when we had tea. Got to Yarmouth and showered and then walked up to the Red Lion at Freshwater, where we met Beverlee and Ralph for lunch - great food. Walked back with the dog, and went into the Kings Head, where we were joined by the Area 15 gang. We then went to the Wheatsheaf for dinner and a good time was had by all. ( Goose, Bacchus, and Skoolies )


Sunday morning, we had planned to leave a bit earlier, but there was a pea-souper and although we were on the pontoon by the office I couldn't see the lifeboat ! We waited until 10:30 and set off in slightly better viz. It was never good and got really thick off Cowes but the electronics kept us in good shape. The 46 footers eventually overhauled us by Osborne House, but we had a fast journey back with the tide under us. We then went up to the pub with No Name to See Richard and Helen as they are running the place for a week


Area 15 Xmas Party Rally to Ocean Village Dec 15 - 16, 2012


Sunshine and showers and a westerly F5-6 with some 30 knot gusts allowed us to sail all the way up to Ocean Village, and it was an exhilarating sail with a single reef, feathering in the gusts. We were overtaken by Bacchus motoring past us. It was a bit tight for us getting into the RSYC pool with a 50 foot motor boat taking up a lot of space. We had a drink in the bar and then a snooze. Drinks were on Bacchus and then a huge gang of us descended on the Tapas in Oxford Road. Great night out.


Sunday morning, was calm and pleasant weather, so we motored back ahead of the next band of rain. We saw my mum and dad on the way back and had a pint in the 8 Bells. Great weekend.


RSYC Rally to Newtown River with Bacchus as our guests Nov 10 - 11, 2012


Took the earlier tide and rafted alongside Bacchus in Newtown River. The weather turned nice, and we took the kids for a walk and ended up at the Horse and Groom Ningwood which is along the main road a bit from the New Inn at Shalfleet.


Then back to the boats. We were waylaid by Allan and Gillian and had tea and wine aboard Tiwster of Mersea. Then we set off in the Bacchus dinghy to Shalfleet, and had a great meal. Only Gillian and Allan came back for drinks aboard Bacchus which was a shame, but we still enjoyed ourselves all the same.


Sunday, we went over to Gins for lunch and as Bacchus draws 2.1 metres and their depth gauge wasn't working, we waited for them and called out the depths as we scraped out over the sill. Well rather, Bacchus did, Selene is never bothered ! So back into Haslar in the dark, but the weather stayed fine.



Area 15 Halloween bash at Island Harbour Oct 27 - 28, 2012


Went down Friday evening, and we cooked for the Scallies who had a bad time with their boat, as it would not start, so they came by road.


Saturday, it was blowing a good F6, gusting 7, but from the North, so we popped the jib out and flew towards Cowes on a fast broad reach. It was a bit rough, especially as we approached Cowes. We rolled in the jib a bit for a while, and then motored the last half mile into the Medina. Just missed free flow at Island Harbour by minutes, so had to lock in ! Settled in with the gang, ( Goose, Peyto and Bacchus ) and walked up to the Folly for a lunchtime drink. Had a sleep, and then after helping gather wood and setting up, I cooked the Selene dish. We all then rocked up and shared each boat's dishes, and we let off our fireworks. Back to Bacchus for the rest of the evening.


Sunday, we motored up to West Cowes, and after drinks in the Anchor, we were joined by the Scallies, and the Grieffs for a massive lunch at the Island Sailing Club. It was fab. We brought Rob Taubman back with us - motored sailed back as the wind was very light.



RSYC Rally to Lymington Oct 6 - 7, 2012


A late HW meant a lazy Saturday morning. The weather was nice, but little or no wind, so we ended up motor-sailing and then motoring down to the Yacht Haven at Lymington. We then said a few hello-s and had a drink in the bar in the sunshine there. Drinks were on Rex's boat, and we all went to the Royal Lymington for dinner. Great evening, followed by drinks initially on Angela and John's motorboat and then aboard Selene, as everyone wanted to watch Strictly, which we had recorded! Great night. Sunday again had nice weather, not too early a start and no wind, so motored back to Haslar, and then saw my Dad on his 87th birthday



Late summer cruise to Jersey Sep 8 - 23, 2012


Julia and I left work early on Friday afternoon. The hot sunshine of the past few days continued, and we threw the stuff on the boat, and Julia unpacked as I motored us off to Yarmouth. No wind, so lovely sunny motor down, unfortunately the wind was on the nose, so did not feel warm.


Straight into the Kings Head and met up with Beverlee and LJ, and also met Gareth. Said Hi to landlady Michelle also. Back on board and I cooked. Early night.


Up at 4:45, but waited until light as it was there was mist and fog. It was light enough at 0600, and as I motored out to the Needles, I was treated to a glorious sunrise.


Let Julia sleep in until 0830, and then made tea. We then ran into some real fog for a while, and on went the radar! It did not last long and soon cleared so I was then able to make the bacon butties!


Uneventful crossing, as we motored all the way. What little there was, again came from ahead, so we never got the warmth from the sunshine. Into Alderney at 1900, and there were only three buoys left. We took the outer one, and the others were soon taken, with the latecomers going over to the beach. We stayed on board and ate tuna pasta, and turned in early.


No fog the next day, and a little breeze but again on the nose. Out just before first light into the race and zoomed down to Jersey. Neaps, so not as fast as we have done, but still a good speed. Around Sark, the wind piped up and came round a little, and had a cracking sail for about 30 minutes before it died and there was no wind and a horrible slop as we went around the West coast and along the south coast of Jersey before getting into St. Helier about 1230 – 7 hours.


Sunbathed and then went into town. Had a drink in Royal Square, and booked La Taverne. La Taverne was OK, but they messed up my order and charged too much for the wine.


Monday morning, it was raining, and we were fed up about that, but it soon cleared and became a sunny warm day. We went into town in jeans, and wished we had been in shorts. We decided to take the good weather, so bought supplies in M&S and spent the rest of the day on board. Grazing lunch, sunbathing, and in the evening I cooked Rib-Eye and chips and mushrooms.


Tuesday, was cloudier but stayed dry with sunny intervals. Cycled out to Gorey for lunch at Sumas, which was, as ever, fantastic. Had booked a balcony table and the weather played ball.


Cycled back into a bit of a breeze. Booked a car for the next day, and as we were Both knackered, we stayed in, and had whatever was on board for tea – sausage rolls and so forth.


Wednesday, the weather was wet and miserable with some sunny spells, so a car was a good ides. We picked up our Smart car, which was fun to drive, once we got used to its peculiarities! Went to Pallots steam and motor museum, which we loved ( had been there in 2009 ) and then on to the Jersey war Tunnels. Bought a ticket, but it was too crowded, so left it for later, and headed to the Yacht Club for a superb lunch of lobster. Back on the tourist trail, and went to La Hougue Bie, museum, and then back to the war tunnels, when it was much quieter. It was well worth the visit.


Then we went to a windmill and had a drink overlooking the sea, and then around the north east coast scenic route into Gorey for dinner at Danny’s – which was excellent.


Thursday, was brighter, and was the day of the annual Jersey Air show. Turned out the flight path was perfect for viewing from our  cockpit! We went shopping in the morning, and the day got sunnier and hotter. Saw the first fly past of a B52 bomber in the cockpit, followed by a display team. Then walked down along the front through the big crowds and saw the view around the bay. Back on board, where I cooked scallops, and then watched the display from the cockpit. Red arrows were amazing. Never been that close to them.


Had a snooze, and then to the Little Thai restaurant, which was recommended by Paul at Sumas. It was fantastic. Run by Mark, (waitress Sarah )  for future reference.


Friday, we had booked to go to Sark on the fast tourist boat, and the weather was drizzle. It had been wet and windy the night before, and the sea looked a bit ominous. The ferry was late in, and there was a long delay in the turnaround. It transpired that they had been forced to go slowly because of the sea state, and the delay was clearing up the mess from sick passengers!


The ferry set off, and I immediately thought we were on the St. Malo ferry as it headed South ( as I have done in the past ) and then I realised they were going the long way around the Island to avoid the rough seas at Corbiere. So we went the long way and had to slow down many times – it was very rough indeed, and many of the passengers were unwell.


We were unaffected by sea-sickness, but our day trip was being severely constrained, as we arrived nearly two hours late, and so arriving at 12:30 when your departure was at 1600 did not leave much time on Sark!


We set off and saw the causeway called La Coupee, and had lunch at Stocks Hotel, After lunch we met a couple from the ferry, Tara and Neil and had a drink with them, and then high tailed it back to the ferry. Good day out in all though.  Ate on board.


Saturday, the weather was sunny again, and we cycled out to Samares Manor, had the tour of the house and admired the lovely gardens. Had lunch on board, and enjoyed the weather  in the cockpit, and then a bit of shopping. Dinner was at the Quayside overlooking the harbour.


Sunday we cycled to the Yacht Club, went out to the fort, and had a lovely lunch. Ate on board.


Monday, we were up and away and went to Alderney, Horrid weather to start and Corbiere was a bit rough, but got into Alderney, went ashore and had dinner at the Braye Beach Hotel.


Tuesday we battled the Alderney Race ( very big spring tide ) over to Cherbourg, where we topped up with fuel and berthed and zoomed into town for lunch at La Calle – moules frites of course. A whizz into Carrefour for wine, and then I cooked on board.


Wednesday, we did boat jobs and went for a drink at the boucanier bar where we waited for Oliver and Matt. Their ferry was on time, but no taxis, so they walked into town. Weather was warm and sunny out of the breeze. By the time they arrived and had a beer it was late for lunch at the places we had in mind, so we went to Le Commerce, which was fine. Did some provisioning at Carrefour and then out for dinner at Pantagruel – yum !


Thursday at 0500, we left in the dark out of Cherbourg, and had a calm motor sail into Ocean Village ( for the boat show ) some 15 hours later – arriving in the dark. The last strecth from Hamble was quite hard with all the background lights.


We cooked on board, and later received Lloyd Wheelhouse, Andy Thomas and Chris for drinks which went on into the night !



Friday, we headed off to the boat show, and had a great day out. Decided we really want a Nauticat, and so after visiting some finance people, we confirmed our interest to the Nauticat man, and have decided to sell Selene. We came back and freshened up and went for dinner at Las Equinas, the Tapas. Great night out.


Saturday, the weather was glorious all day and Julia and I went shopping, whilst the boys lazed around on board. Got a phone call from some people the Nauticat man knew who insisted on seeing the boat in the afternoon, so we cleaned up a bit and showed them around !! ( They liked it but they prefer the Catalina they were already interested in ) On the way back from the shops, we had seen Aly and Graham going to the show, and they came around to say Hi as well. We then went for drinks at the Yacht club, and I cooked on board.


Sunday was wet and miserable, and after half an hour of sailing, we motored into Haslar with the rain belting down and an F6 on the nose – Yuk. Julia did breakfast, and then the boys left and we came home.



Total mileage on the trip 317 nautical miles.



Boys trip to Cowes Sat 1 Sep 2012

Under the guise of giving Andy Moran's nephew some sailing experience, Andy, nephew Cam and my son Oli all gathered for a day trip to Cowes. Nice weather but no wind in the morning, so motored over and squeezed into the Yacht Haven. Lunch at the Island Sailing club, and a great sail back. I cooked magret de Canard with roast spuds back in Haslar. Great day out. Lots of beer consumed.


Gins for lunch with Malcolm and Mave Mon 27 Aug 2012

We rang Malcolm and Mave on the way back from Whitecliff Bay to see if they wanted to join us, and despite the short notice, they were free and we had a great lunch at Gins. The wind had gone round to the South and was still F4-5 so again a brilliant reach both ways - touching 6 on the way back. We just got back into Haslar ahead of the forecast bad weather, so it was a great day out.


Whitecliff Bay for lunch with Area 15 Sun 26 Aug 2012

Our trip to Poole was abandoned due to gales on the Saturday, so we did jobs at home, and came down to the boat Saturday evening, and on Sunday we joined the Area 15 YC for a picnic / BBQ on the beach at Whitecliff Bay. It was a nice warm and sunny day but with a great F4-5 SW, so we were able to sail both ways. Fabulous reach both ways!


Bembridge with Neil and Jane - 18/19 Aug 2012

Nice SW breeze ( F4 ) to let us sail over to Bembridge and the weather just got hotter and sunnier. Hottest weekend for years. We had lunch on board, and went to St. Helens in the afternoon - stopped at the Vine.


In the evening we went to Baywatch on the Beach and had a great meal. Sunday was hot and sunny again. We had full English and then took the water taxi over to Bembridge. Walked around the village, and then along to Brading Haven YC for a couple of drinks. Got the water taxi back and then motored back to Haslar in glorious sunshine. We reversed into our berth to get more sun-bathing.


As ever, a great weekend with Neil and Jane.


Hamble with Aly and Graham - 11/12 Aug 2012

Big easterly blowing 5-7 and the start of Cowes week! We motored out of Portsmouth and then switched off the engine and broad reached right into Osborne Bay just missing the first Cowes fleet, then gybed and reached up past Bramble Bank and into the Hamble - just avoiding the second fleet. Great exciting sail.


Had lunch on board and then Aly and Graham went off for a walk, and we went to the King and Queen. We had noticed Ghostly Goose on the Royal Southern pontoons on our way in and gave them a call. They were not coming out until later, but the Scallies had by now also arrived and they soon appeared with Nelson and Josie, and a wondeful afternoon was spent in the sunshine.


We were booked into the Bugle for dinner which was really good, and we met the others in the pub afterwards. Back on the boat we watched the Olympics and then bed.


Sunday, we headed out early and motored back against wind and tide to get in ahead of bad weather and the racing, plus we all had places to go. Had brunch on arrival in Haslar and then packed up. Great fun weekend.


Jolly with Oli - Sunday 29 Jul 2012

Our weekend plans were cancelled by my Dad being rushed into Hospital on Friday evening. We were due on the sealift first thing and then to sail up to Ocean Village to meet Richard and Helen for our Wedding anniversary. We went on the sealift and then back to the hospital. Later that day, we drove to Southampton and still had dinnner at the Tapas with Richard and Helen, which was great.


Sunday. Oli was due to sail back from Southampton with us, so we took him out for a quick blast to Ryde pier and back. Then we went back to the hospital. Postscript: Dad was in for over a week, but has recovered now and is back at the nursing home now.


Sort of summer cruise 2 Jul- 17 Jul 2012

Weather crap, so did a last minute to Ibiza for the sun a week. Great! Worked 2 days, then pottered about a wet and miserable Solent. Set off for the Hamble, and the autohelm packed up saying no compass so that was a pain. Got into Port Hamble, and had dinner at the Bugle which was great as ever. Next morning, I stripped it all out and spoke to Raymarine on the phone. Ended up in a taxi with the course computer for them to check, and the diagnostic had been right - unusually, the fluxgatae compass was bust. Bought a new one, installed it, and it worked. That day we also went across to Warsash, and joined a Rex Wednesday cruise which we enjoyed and had lunch in Warsash SC. Rex also dropped us back, which was nice.


On Thursday, we went to Yarmouth and tucked in there for a few days. John and Judith Murray were also there in Callisto of Wem, and Keith and Audrey Fisher in First Dawn Treader. John invited us for drinks on board in the early evening which was great. Friday we took the bus to the chair lift, and then walked to Tenysons monument and just made it into the Red Lion in Freshwater for lunch where we met Beverlee and LJ and her red setter. Beverlee then gave us a lift back into Yarmouth, and showed us her rented house, which was lovely. We then came back to host a drinks party on Selene, and then ate in Saltys and danced on the tables as usual.


Saturday, we saw the Olympic Torch from just outside the Kings Head, and we had a drinks party on board for LJ, Beverlee and the landlady of the Kings Head, Michelle. In true RSYC fashion, we then were invited to a drinks pary on First Dawn Treader.


Sunday, wenet over to Gins for lunch, which was very good, and then on into East Cowes. Next day we had planned to go onto the Sealift and then come home, but it blew F8 all day, and we ended up staying. We walked into Cowes and ate at the new Tapas called Brawns which was exceptional. Not wanting to waste another day of holiday on the poor weather, we got up at 4am and flew back into Haslar in a much easier to handle F6 and were both at work by 0900 ! Will try again for the Channel Isles in September!



Cherbourg and St Vaast 27 May- 4 Jun 2012

Andy Moran and I set off from Haslar in glorious sunshine, and motored to Yarmouth arriving about 1730. We had a meal and a few beers in the Kings Head, and a reasonably early night.


We headed out shortly after 0400 round to the Needles and off to Cherbourg. Light SSW on the nose, so motored and felt cold, until about 5 miles off Cherbourg when we got T-shirt and shorts weather. As we had little to do, we managed to severly reduce the available beer count. Moules frites and some wine rounded off the day.


Tuesday was very hot and sunny, and after cleaning the boat and checking out the ferry terminal for later, we had a long lunch and then I saw Andy off on the ferry, and came back via Carrefour to get more beers. The afternoon was then extremely hot and I sat out in the cockpit, expecting a quiet time. Then Bob and Jackie from Arabesque arrived and we had a couple of glasses of pink. Later I cooked myself a nice meal, and after speaking to Julia back in blighty, went for a walk around the town and noted some places for lunch next day.


Wednesday, Julia arrived at lunchtime, and sadly she brought the rain with her ferry. The good weather never returned. We had lunch - Galettes indoors - and later went out for a meal. Thursday, Julia and I did Carrefour and had lunch and then Neil and Jane arrived and we set off as quickly as we could for St Vaast to take the West going tide and ended up having a nice sunny sail around the corner at Barfleur. Best sail of the holiday. We ate on board, and I produced Magret de Canard washed down with some medoc.


Friday, it was grey but not too wet, so we did Tatihou - the island, and discovered that the weekend was actually a festival in St Vaast, so that gave the weekend some added zing. We ate at La Chasse Mairee in the evening - very good as usual, although Neil was not so happy unfortunately. Next day, we did the market, and Fuschias in the evening.


Sunday we dressed Selene overall for the Jubilee, and we helped prepare the salads for the annual Rex pontoon Sunday lunch, which was a great success.



Monday looked the best day for coming back weatherwise, even though the first few hours were motoring into a bit of a sea, but by afternoon we motored around Ventor in nice sunshine. By delaying our departure, we were able to take the favourable tide north for a change.



Got in just before Midnight somewhat tired. Tuesday, we had a lazy morning, and packed up before lunch at Hardys. The day was nearly spoiled by the lights having been left on my Toyota when Julia came down early to catch the ferry, but the RAC turned up swiftly, and started the car with their jump box. But after testing, they sold and fitted us a new battery - since the old one had died.


Lunch in Cowes 19 May 2012

Needed to do a short trip to check out the boat in general ahead of the holiday to France the following weekend. So we popped over to Cowes, which was very busy, and moored outside at Shepards and had lunch at the Royal Corinthian - managed to sit outside, but it was not warm. Food not up to the usual standard. No wind, but we did pop the main up and down. Evening, we went to the Wheelhouse BBQ.


HRH Prince Michael of Kent at Gins 21 April 2012

Julia and I left Haslar into a nasty head wind and a solent chop. It was not great. At one point we had a 40knot squall come through which slowed us down to less than three knots and we had a close encounter with a large ship going into Southampton as a result. Arrived at Gins with a big audience and a tight spot to ferry-glide into. Passed that test, and tied up alongside Aquarius.


Friday evening, Aquarius invited us aboard for pre-dinner drinks, then all six boats on the pontoon had dinner together in the clubhouse and there were further drinks with Peter Whatley afterwards. Great evening.


Next morning, we all dressed our boats overall, and put on our smart clothes for the arrival of HRH who was coming to officially open the new pontoon extension, and the plaque to all those who contributed to the costs ( including us of course ) - we are politely referred to as The Plankers as we all bought a plank, and you can see our names on the plaque. ( See photos section for bigger pic ) HRH duly arrived and unveiled the plaque and there were various speeches, and then there was a reception, during which we were on the list to be introduced and we enjoyed our few moments chatting with him.




We then all went down to the pontoon and HRH came and took a look and had drinks aboard Alana 3. When he left by launch, we all had more drinks aboard Alana. That evening, there were fewer for dinner, but we enjoyed eating with Martin and Shan and James and Pam - another great evening.


Sunday morning there was a nice breeze and we had a nice sail back.


Easter break to Weymouth 5 - 10 April 2012

Julia and I left Haslar at 0830 and motor sailed down to Weymouth in very cold conditions. We arrived at 1600 but due to bridge works couldn't get in until 1800. We ate on board and drank at the Yacht club and at the pub opposite.


Friday, we cycled to Portland marina and left the bikes with Paul in the office, and walked up the western coastal path all the way to Portland Bill - glorious sunshine, but cold. We had lunch in the Pulpit inn - wonderful local freshly caught crab, and walked into Southwell and then got the bus back down to the marina, and cycled back to Weymouth marina, where the Scallies had just arrived. We socialised and left them to eat on board, whilst we went to Bella Italia, which was fine.


Saturday morning we shopped and then spent the afternoon with the Scallies and the kids and grandkids. We walked out to the other end of the beach whilst Max went on the fun fair rides, and caught the bus back along the front. The weather forecast for Monday suggested going on Sunday back to the Solent, so we all de-camped to Portland marina ( because of the bridge lift not being early enough the next day ) There we did a joint meal, where we prepared a pot of Cassoulet, and took it on board Scallywag for the joint meal after trying the bar there - Rock the Boat



Sunday we headed off at 0630 and again had to motor sail. Had some fun when we discovered another Selene right behind us, and Scally caught us up at Hurst. We then all dived into Berthon and headed for the Kings Head (as you do)



Richard and Helen arrived in the afternoon in their new Moody High Spirits and I had arranged their berth next to us. We ate with the Scally crew in the Mayflower and Richard and Helen joined us later



The Scallies cleared off on the Monday, but as it was so foul, wet and windy, we abandoned plans to go to Yarmouth, so Spirit and Selene went to the Kings Head instead. Followed by dinner at Stanwell House. They were staying out for the rest of the week, but next morning we headed for home on the east going tide. Finally got a cracking downwind sail all the way back F5-F6 SW - great!


Cowes for Andy and Jen's engagement 31 March 2012

This was a pre-planned weekend where Andy would propose to Jen by having us and the Skoolies hang a banner saying Marry Me over the wall at Cowes Yacht Haven. They would be on board Bacchus and everyone knew about the secret except Jen!


Julia and I got Selene over early on Saturday to make use of the slack water - again little wind, so motored. We then did some shopping and had lunch. Then the Skoolies arrived and we hung the banner up and awaited the call from Bacchus on board Skoolie with some drinks. Lloyd go tup close and it was arranged that Jen was on the bow with Andy. He proposed on bended knee after she read the banner, and Lewis let off red balloons and we blasted our air horns. Very romantic. See more photos in the photos section.


Great celebrations and champagne and then Saturday evening, we piled into taxis and went to a Danish restaurant in Gurnard ( Andy is Danish ) called the Little Gloster. Great night out. Hungover next day.



Sunday we had to go see my very ill dad in hospital, so we motored home very early after a tight squeeze reversing out of the corner.



Cowes with Ed and the Skoolies 26 March 2012


Ed came down Friday afternoon, and when Julia got in, we went for a pizza together, and then spent the evening in Alton and watched Adam's band win the local battle of the bands. We walked back and found the police station cordoned off, so we couldn't get home, but they allowed us through when we said we lived there. They said someone had lobbed a grenade into the ploice station car park!


Saturday, we got to Cowes and were joined by the Skoolies - no wind so motored over. We had drinks at the ISC and then the Royal Corinthian, some shopping and then back to ISC for dinner in the evening.



Sunday we motored home and Ed and I had a few beers in the garden before his train


Quiet trip to Lymington 10/11 March 2012


Grey skies and light head winds meant that we motored down to Lymington on Saturday morning. When we arrived and tied up in Berthon, the sun came out and the rest of the day was lovely.


We did the shops and the market, and had a drink in the Kings Head. In the evening, we ate at the Ship on the Quay, which was good with very good service.


Sunday morning the fog cleared in the harbour, but once into the river after the first bend, we could not even see the next pole, so on with the radar and foghorn, and we used electronics to get us up to Gurnard when the fog lifted into hazy sunshine. Julia then cooked bacon butties and we motored sedately back into Haslar on a very big tide. We saw the Scallies and the Skoolies on shore, and got home in time to watch England beat France in Paris.



Area 15 YC Rally to Bembridge 25/26 February 2012


Julia and I always planned to go to Bembridge this weekend - originally with Neil and Jane, but they could not make it, so we suggested it to our fellow commodores in the Area 15 YC ( everyone is a commodore in this club including the dogs and the kids ) and three boats joined us: Goose, Scallywag, and Good Grieff - and the weather turned up too - as in very warm and sunny - but no wind!

We had fantastic sunshine all weekend and on Saturday afternoon, we were sat outside the Vine in T-shirts. I had organised the Brading Haven YC for the evening meal, and they did us proud



Sunday was a lazy morning walking into St. Helens and another motor in the sunshine back to Haslar.



Capricorn Rally in Cowes 14/15 January 2012


I arranged another Capricorn Rally for those with Capricorn birthdays again and we got a good turn out this year: My birthday is on the 19th and on board with us were Malcolm and Mavis Harman - Malcolm being the Capricorn. Then in Kotka, Richard & Helen Stoneman - Richard being the Capricorn. Also in Opus J were Richard and Helen Harden Helen having a Capricorn birthday, and Ear to Eternity with Peter and Wendy Whatley - Wendy the Capricorn representative.


We berthed in Cowes and had drinks in the Anchor as usual. Selene hosted a drinks party, and we all then went an enjoyed a superb dinner at the Island Sailing Club.


Great rally with good company. See the pictures in the photos page.



Yet another weekend in Cowes with James 26-28 December 2011


Xmas over, no house moving to do, and James fancied going on the boat, so we motored over to Cowes into a F4/5 headwind, and tied up in East Cowes. and had lunch in the Lifeboat which was satisfactory.


We all then had a snooze, and took a very expensive taxi ride to Sandown to surprise my mum on her 81st birthday at niece Emily’s house which was a fun evening and another expensive taxi ride back!


Next day, we took the water taxi to the Folly and joined the Royal Southampton annual Folly rally, which was well attended this year. We had a great time seeing all our many cruising friends.


We then took the water taxi to Cowes and did some shoppong and drinking - especially in the Anchor, followed by an Indian at the Purple Mango.


The weather was wet, windy and horrible overnight, but I saw a small window of a few hours and we got a great sail back in a decent SW 5 in sunshine, just getting in ahead of the rain and rough weather



Another weekend in Cowes as part of Julia’s birthday celebrations 10/11 December 2011


Richard and Helen decided not to bring Kotka and cadged a lift over with us. We motored into a fairly cold headwind and tucked into the Yacht Haven. Richard and Helen had booked rooms at the Island Sailing Club, and so we went there first, followed by some shopping and another pint in the Anchor.


We all then had a snooze, and met up for dinner at the ISC again and as usual the food and service were excellent.


Sunday morning, we had a cracking sail home on a SSW F4 and got into Haslar ahead of some very bad weather. Tidied up and then were given lunch by the Whatleys who had wanted to come to the mini rally but were busy Saturday night - so this was their way of joining in.



Weekend in Cowes meeting up with Opus J 26/27 November 2011


Motored into a stiff headwind over to East Cowes to meet up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in thirty years. They had googled my name and found me after all these years, and having found me also discovered that we share the same passion for sailing. They have been sailing for years and have a Hallberg Rassy 36 and even more amazingly, their boat is moored on a bouy just around the corner from Selene in Portsmouth Harbour. So we thought we should meet up on the water, and I organised this little mini rally.


Opus J arrived immediately after us as and Richard and Helen Harden came aboard Selene for a glass of champagne. We had just got our mortgage offer confirmed that morning, so it was a double celebration. We then had lunch aboard Opus J and after a break, we walked into East Cowes to the Purple Mango Indian, and had a great meal. We then walked over to West Cowes and I booked the ISC for Julia’s birthday mini rally I am organising. There was black tie do on, so we did not drink there and had a beer at the Anchor instead. Then we retired to Opus J for coffee and continued to talk and talk!


Overnight it howled and rained, and did not look too good as I prepared to depart at 0900. But the rain cleared, the sun came out and we had a cracking downwind flying sail back to Haslar, where Julia cooked breakfast on arrival. It was really good to see these guys again, and I look forward to arranging to see them on the water again soon.



Weekend in the Hamble with Neil and Jane 19/20 November 2011


We met up on Friday evening on Selene, and I cooked for me, Julia and Jane, as Neil was still travelling from Heathrow. He arrived late and tired, but in good spirits.


The wind was stronger than expected, and we were able to sail downwind all the way up to the Hamble and the weather was pleasant and sunny. We discovered that the Jolly Sailor mooring is too shallow for a long stay, so rang Deacons and they kindly let us on one of their pontoons. The only disadvantage being we had to go ashore in the dinghy


We had a great lunch prepared by Jane, and then went ashore. Neil and Jane looked at boats and we walked along the banks of the Hamble going north towards the country park.


We rested up and were booked into the Jolly Sailor for dinner, so togged up and took the dinghy over. The meal was pretty good and we had a pleasant evening.


Sunday morning was foggy, but the sun was breaking through and we had a nice motor back around to Haslar.



Day trip to Cowes with Gerry and Cyd 12 November 2011


Motored over as it was very light, but weather pleasant and sunny. Gerry and Cyd brought their dog - a golden retriever called Chester, who had never been on a boat before.


We tied up in the Yacht Haven and had lunch in the Anchor, where we were joined by Ghostly Goose. We did some shopping and motored back into an increasing on the nose wind. It got dark as we came in, and being a little lumpy and LW, it was too risky to come in the Inner Swashway, so we took the long route.


When we were back, we noticed that the Eberspacher had packed up, and I could not see anything wrong. During the week I had to pay the local dealer to fix it. They did a great job and in time for the following weekend, but it was not cheap. The motor had jammed with aluminium dust and the exhaust had completely corroded. The new exhaust was the most expensive bit, plus the labour and it having to go back to their workshop


Area 15 Legendary Halloween Weekend 29/30 October 2011


Not much wind and what there was on the nose, so we motored over to Island Harbour and met up with our Legendary buddies.On the way into Cowes we saw the Stonemans in Shepherds, so after tying up and sorting the boat out in Island Harbour, we took a water taxi back to town and met Richard and Helen in the Anchor to hear about their trip back from Plymouth with their new Moody.


Then back to join the gang, and we cooked our dish for the evening - each boat producing a pot to be shared. Although it drizzled we had our usual fireworks and tucked into the lovely food. Then back on board Bacchus for drinks and music and as it turned out the inaugural committee meeting of Area 15 - the new name of our breakaway group. We are all Commodores in this club, and we are dedicated to having fun!


Sunday was very grey and drizzly damp, so we hurried home as fast as we could on the spring tide and Julia cooked a full English on arrival. Then the Office on the way home!


RSYC Rally to Newtown River 22/23 October 2011


A strong southerly gave us an exciting sail to Newtown on the Saturday morning. After lunch we gathered ashore with Alan, Gillian, Adam, Lousie, Paul and Priscilla and walked the circular tour in lovely weather. Whilst on the walk, we ran into our Legend friends Simon and Emma.


Saturday evening, Arabesque hosted a drinks party and as usual we set off in our dinghies to Shalfleet, where the pub did us proud once again. It was a great night out in great company


Sunday morning was also very windy, but still decent weather and we had yet another cracking sail in a building SSE - varying from 11 knots in the lulls to 28 in the gusts


Mini Rally to Bembridge with Kotka 15/16 October 2011


Julia and I picked up Helen on Friday evening and headed for Haslar, where Richard and Catherine were already on B pontoon. Kotka provided a wonderful dinner and a good time was had by all


On Saturday morning, despite the forecast for no wind, there was enough for a cracking beat in the sunshine over to Bembridge, where we then enjoyed drinks and lunch in the cockpits before taking the water taxi over to the Pilot Boat. In the evening, we ate at the Baywatch on the Beach, and were very impressed by the food and the service



Sunday morning started foggy and then sunny and Julia and I Strolled up to St. Helens. Kotka left as soon as she could to make the sill at Emsworth, and when it got cloudy, we motored back to Haslar. However, although there was no wind, the sun was still shining in Haslar, and we enjoyed lunch in the cockpit



Rally at Ocean Village with the RSYC Cruisers - 1 October 2011


Motored into the wind up to OV but at least it was mainly sunny on the Saturday. Had pre dinner drinks with Gordon and Christine, and then enjoyed a good rally dinner and especially the company of Tom & Annie


Sunday, read the papers and then had a cracking sail back to Haslar in a good W F5/6 - nice to have a blast after what seems a lot of motoring recently - and it was sunny again too!


Selene was out for maintenance 14 September 2011


Selene was on the hard for new gearbox seal and prop shaft, anti-foul and polish - all done beautifully by Gosport Boat Yard.


Hythe Marina on Tom & Annie's mooring Bank Holiday weekend 27/28/29 August 2011


We managed a sail - beating in quite strong winds as far as Fawley, when it was simply too much on the nose and we motored up to Hythe. Had to queue for the lock and then tied up on Tom and Annie's pontoon. They were out at lunch with friends and so we had lunch aboard as planned. They all arrived back and we socialised and all chilled. Saturday evening was a BBQ and I was appointed chef! Anyway, it was a splendid evening.


Sunday, we had a great breakfast and then we all jumped on board Tom and Annie's sun odyssey 43 and went for a jolly around Southampton, then back for roast lunch - yum. Sunday evening saw us all wathcing TV together, and Monday we headed off shortly after 0800 to catch the tide. No wind, so we motored home.


Ocean Village with Jane ( no Neil ) 20 - 21 August 2011


Neil was sadly away on business, but Jane joined us on Friday evening and she also insisted on cooking for us on board Selene, which was excellent. Saturday with little wind, we motored up to Ocean Village, and the weather cheered up and we went for a wander into Southampton, stopping in for a drink at the club on the way back. Saturday evening, we went to the indian at the far end of Oxford Street, which was good


Sunday again there was no wind, so we motored back. Pleasant weekend and good to be on the water.


Yarmouth with Aly & Graham 13 - 14 August 2011


Julia's identical twin Alyson and her husband Graham joined us for the weekend Saturday morning and we had a fun sail to Yarmouth, squeezing into Yarmouth on a very busy weekend - rafted out a long way.


We had a walk in the afternoon and then drinks at the Yacht Club before dinner at Salty's. Salty's turned out to rival the Folly for fun and there was dancing on the tables and in the street until late.


Sunday morning, we sailed back through the start of the Fastnet, which was very very interesting - that tested all my skipper / rules knowledge! Great weekend!


Lymington & Gins 5/6 - 7 August 2011


Friday late afternoon, we left work early and got off to Lymington. We got in and found it very busy, but took a fore and aft mooring, which was fun to do, and settled back to a sundowner. Then I cooked magret de canard for two.


Saturday, we went to the market and had a really great time. When we got back it was even busier and we helped Arabesque tie up on a nearby pile. However, we had no time to socialise with them as we needed to get to Gins where we were booked in for the Crab and Lobster festival and were meeting Gillian Beswick for supper. We suggested the idea to Bob and Jackie and left.


Shortly after tying up on the new extended pontoon at Gins, Arabesque arrived, and I had a chat with Michael to increase our supper numbers! We organised pre dinner drinks on board Selene with Bob and Jackie, and Gilian who came by car. Then we had a splendid meal, and Alan also made it back from working at Cowes week and we had a fantastic evening together.


Sunday, we got a good sail back, but had to dodge a lot of the Cowes week racing!


Bembridge 30 June - 31 July 2011


Friday evening, we met Chris and Chris on their boat for drinks and then we all had dinner at Landers


Saturday, we motored over to Bembridge and got tucked into a very busy pontoon. We took the water taxi over and had lunch at Fox’s Restaurant, and in the evening I cooked omelettes for us.


Sunday we had a walk up to St. Helens and got a nice sail back to Haslar with the wind behind


Obsborne House 22 June - 24 July 2011


Andy and Lynn met us at Haslar and we had a nice sail ( beat ) over to East Cowes in the early evening. Tom and Annie and Carol arrived shortly after us, and after drinks in Selene's cockpit, I cooked us all dinner


Saturday was spent in Cowes with lunch at the Royal Corinthian and then we took the RSYC coach up to Osborne house for the outdoor concert. We had a fantastic evening and the weather wasn't too bad


Sunday we had another good sail back to Haslar with the wind behind


Annual Cruise 2011 - West Country - 26 June - 10 July 2011


I was so stressed with work and other things and the wind was a fresh westerly, so we did not sail on the Saturday. We went down to the boat Saturday evening and we cooked on board. A SE / E was forecast with some early morning fog, but the direction was good for going west.


At the proposed departure time of 0400, the fog combined with the dark was too dense, so we waited until 0500 and set off into very poor visibility. We had to use the radar to literally "buoy-hop" our way out of the Solent, and sadly the fog simply would not lift. We heard that it was glorious ashore, but we had less than a quarter of a mile visibility until 20 miles off Start point. Yuk.


The forecast promised to go on the nose the next day, so instead of putting into Dartmouth or Salcombe, I carried on through the night, and we arrived into Falmouth at 0700 Monday morning. We were lucky to get a spot on the pontoon at the Visitors Yacht Haven as another yacht was leaving as we arrived - otherwise we would have had to raft.


We slept for a bit and then had a drink at the Oddfellows pub up the hill and then another at "Barringtons" - the Seven Stars in town. We did some shoppping and chilled and then ate at Prezzos in the evening as we had vouchers for a free meal.


The weather was sunny intervals but with a keen NW keeping it cool. So Tuesday, we took the train to the Eden Project, which I am glad to have seen, but it wasn't over-exciting. We had time between trains to stop in St. Austell on the way back for a look-see and a drink, and after a pint or two in the Chain Locker, I cooked steak on board.



Wednesday we chilled and went to the museum, which was really interesting, and in the early evening Adam and Louise arrived in Northern Spirit and came aboard for drinks, and we had dinner at Five Degrees West, which was cracking.



Thursday, we planned to go with them to the Helford River and we agreed to do a joint meal sharing a buoy. I went to check the oil, and annoyingly knocked the filler cap into the engine bilge whilst topping up. What good fortune that was, as it turned out. It was a royal pain lifting the whole engine cover off, but when I found the cap, it was right in a corner almost out of sight, but it lay next to a sheared bolt! I would never have been aware of this unless this had happened. The bolt should have held the alternator on, and this was now only held by the adjuster at the bottom. Had this gone undetected, then we would have had a worse problem.


We thought we would lose a few days at this point, but we were lucky that Nick Eddy, a local engineer responded to my call and turned up for a look within 20 minutes. He sucked through his teeth and went to get some tools. If the "easy out" tool worked, we would be OK, otherwise he would have to strip the top of the engine out and take it away.


Luckily for us, he got the broken stub out, put a new bolt in and took £70 quid, and we were on our way, in time to catch up with Northern Spirit. Wow! We found a buoy and went for a drink at the Shipwrights Arms, and as they wouldn't serve food after 1400 and closed the bar at 1430, we went to the cafe round the corner for lunch.


Adam and Lou then chilled on board, and Julia and I went ashore on the other side and spent a pleasant afternoon at the other pub, and met a lovely couple and their young children - he was a surgeon.



Adam and Lou BBQ-ed a leg of lamb, and I provided rosti and we had a fab meal and evening together.


At 0700, Northern Spirit departed for the Scillies, and we went back into Falmouth and explored up the river Fal. We went ashore and had a peek at Malpas, and then came back down and had a drink in St. Mawes. We then headed off in the afternoon sunshine to get into Fowey for the weekend.


Fowey was already busy and all the big buoys were gone, but being a smaller boat, we were able to take a smaller buoy over on the Polruan side and did not get rafted - although some of the other boats swang close! I cooked scallops on board that night.



Next day, I was expecting to meet a contact through Simon Keeling. my weather guru, and in the morning whilst awaiting the arrival of his Nauticat 39, Crazy Diamond, Julia and I checked out lovely Fowey. I wasn't too well which spoiled it a bit, but the weather was excellent.


In the afternoon, we joined Robert and Deborah for drinks along with some friends rafted up who were from their pontoon in Sutton Harbour. In fact they reckoned most of their pontoon was in Fowey! We all agreed to go for dinner together in Polruan, and we spent a pleasant evening in the first local pub which I forget the name of.


They all went Sunday, and Julia and I had a superb lunch on the verandah at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club, and walked to the castle afterwards. We ate aboard that night and were very chilled - the weather was warm and sunny.


Monday we cracked off for Plymouth, and went into Sutton - right in the heart of town. We had a quick drink, and then did the whole sight seeing thing including going up in the big ferris wheel. In the evening, we ate at Cafe Rouge - again on free meal vouchers and had a great time.



We had planned to go to Dartmouth on the Wednesday, and as I didn't feel too good, we were late up. However, after looking at the forecast, we untied lines very quickly and scuttled off to Dartmouth. It was slam dunk on the nose big waves getting out of Plymouth and a bit rolly getting into Dartmouth as the bad weather headed in. Wednesday was going to be nasty, so I wanted to be tucked into Dartmouth.


We managed to raft against a Warrior 40 on the Town Quay, and had fish and chips and a drink in the fabulous Cherub pub.


Wednesday morning was still ok, but bad weather was coming. The Warrior went off, and we were able to get the inside berth and snugged up. It was getting windy with showers, and so we took the ferry up to Greenway ( Agatha Christies House ) and went around the house and grounds. The grounds were so worth walking around!



It lashed it down on the way back, and it howled and rained. We had to wear full oilies to go for Dinner at Browns, which was a place we had always wanted to do, but frankly the service was crap, the food although very good was over-priced for what it was, and it was a disappointment.


Thursday, was still a mix of sunshine and showers, and we were told we had to move later which turned out to be a pain, as we had to then raft outside a huge motor boat. We did that later though, and during the day we took the steam train up to Paignton which really is grockle land, but we did find a nice bistro over by the harbour for lunch which was really good. Sat in the observation coach - the Devon Belle, on the way back - great views.


In the evening we ate in the Cherub, where the food was really good even if they didn't have all the specials on the board. Whilst waiting for the food, I thought I recognised a bloke at the bar, and it turned out to be an old friend from my Merlin Rocket Dinghy racing days. We chatted like mad, and agreed to have dinner together the following evening.


Friday, we had to be off the town quay, so we took Selene up to Dittisham and had an absolutely wonderful lunch at the Anchorstone cafe. Best part of the holiday. We then chilled on board hanging off a buoy, and came back down to the Town Quay for the night ready for a very early departure. We rafted outside as there were loads of boats with the same idea - only they were going at 0400, and we planned 0300!


We met Pete Richards and his wife Helen in the Cherub for drinks, then went to the fantastic Indian Restaurant the Spice Bazaar as recommended by Colin Skoolie. It was really really good. We then had nightcaps in the house that Pete and Helen were staying in which is a rental of her brother's.


We were then up and away at 0300, but found it really hard feeling our way out of the first part of the river. Once we were out slightly with the lit buoys, we were off. The wind was forecast 4-5 W, but it was mainly 5-6 and from the Bill we surfed like crazy The sun was shining, the boat was going fast downhill, and we got back more quickly than I could have hoped for. We checked into Berthon and used their lovely showers, and then met up with the new Bacchus boat and they provided welcome drinks. Thanks Lloyd and Gemma. We then all ate at the Ship on the Town Quay. Great food actually. We did not do the usual late night drinks as I was too tired.



Sunday, we had breakfast on board, and then rafted up alongside Bacchus and shared our champagne with them before heading back to Haslar. The sun was again shining, and we had a great downwind sail home.


In the evening, we invited Richard and Helen round for a BBQ. Great holiday. Weather was good and sunny at times, but quite typical English summer weather really - never held the sun for more than a couple of days.


Sailing with Lorna and Edward 18 - 19 June 2011


It is rare that I don't sail, but it was simply too windy and on the nose to go to Yarmouth, so we went to Old Portsmouth with the Skoolies and joined Louise and The Gang in Las Iguanas in Gunwharf for the evening. Sunday, we went for a "jolly" and went in a brisk wind to St. Helens Fort and back. Lorna and Ed really enjoyed the sail, and we got in before the rain.


Bank holiday weekend in St. Vaast - 27 - 30 May 2011


We abandoned plans to sail overnight Thursday as a gale blew up the channel. Neil and Jane joined us as I watched the forecasts and sea state. Many boats including rally leader Rex had dropped out, but we were still keen to go, and I could see a weather window on Friday and Monday. And the weather would be better on the North French Coast than the South Coast of England.


All this turned out to be true, and we set off into a nice NW 4-5 at 0500. Once round the back of the Isle of Wight, the sea was still lively from the gale, and was going through us right to left, but the wind was great for Selene, and we flew under sail in a record time across the channel. We were under sail from Bembridge Ledge right up to St. Vaast and averaged 7 knots.


The crew described it as "lumpy", but Neil and I especially on the helm had huge smiles of enjoyment as Selene flew. She was hard work to hold, but it was very satisfying. Certainly wasn't a day for auto-helms - on any of the boats that crossed.


We got in so much ahead of schedule, that the gates had only just opened. Bob and Jackie waved us over and helped us tie up and we were soon showered and off for moules frites.


Saturday morning was the market as usual, and then we took a cab up to Barfleur for lunch at the Cafe de France, which was excellent as it was last year. Then we all spent a lot of money in Mr. Gosselin's and Julia and I rode back in the van with the spoils. The evening was started by a fabulous drinks party on board Arabesque, and we then had a meal in the Chasse Maree with Grumpy Bear ( Philip and Diana ) and  that was a good night out, followed by drinks and sea shanties on board Grumpy Bear.


Sunday was a lazy morning. We had coffee out, and we ordered roast chicken from the spit van, and I made us a traditional roast for 3pm. Then there was more socialising with drinks on board Northern Spirit and an early night.


Monday, we were up and ready to go and joined by our passengers, Allan and Gillian Beswick, and we headed out into a real thick fog. I made us all bacon butties in the french bread Allan had rushed out to get, and the crew were content. Eventually the fog cleared to a sunny smooth passage through the first of the shipping lanes. It was so calm, we were able to lay out a buffet for the six of us, and only as we were having seconds, did the sea start to get up.


We then had to dodge shipping and the weather got grey and miserable. By the time we got around Bembridge Ledge, we had a F6 NW on the nose. Safely back into Haslar and we all parted happy and tired.


Cowes and Port Solent - 14 May 2011


Oli joined us for the weekend, and we went to lunch in Cowes. Colin Skoolie came with us for the ride as Julie was working and we had a great beat to Cowes in a nice W F5-6. Lunch out on the balcony at the Royal Corinthian YC was fab, and then we had a great reach back to Portsmouth.


Then we dropped Colin off at Haslar and motored up to Port Solent, and rocked up to Gemma's birthday BBQ bash - moring right outside the garden. Skoolie Too also moored up along with Aquaholic. It was a great party, and Oli stayed up all night.


Motored back and headed to Woodpeckers for another BBQ via a full de-briefing at the Square Brewery on the way back.



Easter break 22 April - 2 May 2011


The weather had been good all week, and we were lucky that it continued through this holiday. We went down Thursday night, and on Good Friday morning, motored out of Haslar at 0500 to a stunning sunrise. No wind, so motored all the way, and this time took some time to sail closer to the Jurrasic coast, and even popped into Lulworth Cove and had a look.


Got into Weymouth at 1500, and waited for the 1600 bridge lift. Got settled in and had fish and chips by the bridge.



Saturday, we chilled mainly and turned the boat around to get the sunshine in the cockpit. Weather glorious, but a steady easterly - which was the theme for the week. Saturday night, we were booked into the Galley Bistro, which had been good last time, but wasn't so good this time. Give that a miss next visit.


Then we went to the Royal Dorset Yacht Club, which has been done up really well. We decided to try Sunday lunch there and booked a table.


Sunday morning, we rode the Rodwell Trail to Portland, had a look at Chiswell, and had stopped at a cafe on the seafront. Then we met up with Paul, Hannah, and Chris and Chris working on Paul's boat, and chatted to them. We then got back in time for lunch at the Yacht Club, which was excellent. We then saw Tom and Annie arriving into Weymouth in Nikitoo, and met up with them later for a drink, and we all ate together at Vaughan's, which was also very good.


Monday, we rode out to Abbotsbury, and had a great "Famous Five" time, and then back for supper at Prezzo - again with Tom and Annie.


Tuesday, we took the 1000 lift out and headed for Wareham. The ranges were firing, so we had had to stay out, but got a superb beat all the way to Anvil Point. Then felt our way into Wareham and were lucky to get a good spot on the pontoon, all nestled in amongst the reeds. The Redclyffe Yacht Club people were very welcoming as ever.



Wandered into Wareham and saw the old town walls. Later, I set about cooking some lovely steaks we got at the farm shop in Abbotsbury, but had an accident with our new mandolin slicer, and sliced the end of one of my fingers off. Very painful, and it would not stop bleeding for an hour. At which point, after consulting nurse Skoolie, we put a presure dressing on it, and I was able to finish cooking the meal, which was actually lovely! Re-dressed the finger which had now stopped bleeding and retired.


Wednesday, we cycled out to Lulworth Castle, again in glorious weather, and had a picnic lunch again. Got back and ate dressed crab from the local farm shop on board.



Thursday, we took the bus to Swanage, mooched about there along the seafront, and took the steam railway to Corfe. From there we got the bus back, and again had a pleasant evening on board. This time, I cooked Scallops & prawns on a bed of garlic mash.


Friday, the day of the Royal Wedding was cloudy and we both felt sad leaving Wareham, as we motored around to Dolphin Boat Haven in Poole, where we had a free night's stay which we won inthe Legend Owners' raffle. We had a stroll around Poole and a beer in the Rising Sun, and ate at Storm that evening.


Looking at the forecasts, I could see that the Easterly was going to get stronger and stronger over the weekend, and didn't fancy going back on Monday - or even Sunday for that matter - motoring into a huge headwind, so we decided to get back to the Solent on Saturday, which we did, motoring in glorious sunshine to a headwind that did not heap the sea up too much for Selene.


Back into Haslar, Alyson, Julia's twin joined us for dinner at Landers and stayed overnight. Landers was OK this time, so that's back on the agenda now. Aly stayed on and we had sunday lunch at Loch Fyne over at Gunwharf, and then she headed off, and Julia and I came home, and rested at Woodpeckers on the Monday.


Cheapest moorings we have ever had for a long trip. 4 free nights at Weymouth ( Dean and Reddyhoff deal ) 3 nights at £16 at Wareham, and a free night in Poole !


This was the first trip where we had good weather throughout - it was great. Finger still hurts, and I can't type so well, but it is getting better.


Oli and Colleen’s wedding and Chichester Harbour weekend 16 - 19 April 2011


First time we have been to a wedding by boat! Early start out of Haslar at 05:45 and into Chichester Marina around 08:30. No wind, so motored round. Weather still pretty dry, but cloudy. Had a sleep, scrubbed up and went by taxi to Oli and Colleen's wedding. It was such a great day out, and a fantastic occasion.




Taxi back, and slow getting up on Friday morning. Then Lorna came and picked us up, and we went shoppping together in Chichester and then lunch at Cafe Rouge. Saw Lorna's flat afterwards, and then back to the boat. Quiet drink in the Yacht Club, and a light supper of cheese and ham.


Saturday, was hot and sunny, and we motored again in no wind up to Emsworth Yacht Harbour, where Lorna had organised us onto our old pontoon C. We tucked in and enjoyed the weather. Did a couple of jobs, and then went into Emsworth. Ran into a few old friends, and had a pint in the Coal Exchange. Then, in the evening, Mike and Sue, and friend Peter, came onto Selene for pre dinner drinks, and then we went to the Sussex Brewery. Excellent meal and great company,


Sunday, the weather was still good, so motored back in the sunshine, and home in time for the first Woodpeckers BBQ. Fab!


Only four days back at work and then away again!


Scrubbing off in the Hamble 9 / 10 April 2011

Went with the Skoolies to Port Hamble, had dinner in the bugle in the evening. Some sailing on the way there, but not strong enough to sail all the way. Nice weather though. Up at 0600 and onto the scrubbing berth, and gave Selene a jolly good clean. Sat in glorious sunshine outside at the Royal RAF YC, and floated off around 14:45. Motored back, and noticed that instead of 5.2 - 5.4, we were 6.0 - 6.2 knots - amazing improvement from just scrubbing off essentially slime. Must do this more often !


Weekend in East Cowes 26 March 2011


Again, no wind, so a motoring weekend. Did some shopping at Hedge End until lunchtime, then over to East Cowes. Nice meal in the Purple Mango. Did boat jobs all Sunday morning, and quietly home. Pleasant weekend.


RSYC Cruisers rally at Gins 19 March 2011


No wind, so motored both ways. England lost the rugby badly. Enjoyed the company of Tom and Annie immensely. Music too loud after dinner. Not much else to say really. Glad to get home and see Oliver who came down for the afternoon and a meal.


Went to Gins and the Folly with Neil and Jane 26 February 2011


Motored into a headwind for lunch at Gins. Lovely sunshine during lunch.

Set off and hoisted sails off the clubhouse, and as we came around the corner were hit by a 35 knot squall. Very hard to sail with nowhere to bear off to. It did not last long, but then the wind died ! Anyway got settled in on the Folly pontoon itself - thanks to Dave the harbourmaster and watched England beat France in the Six Nations

Then a great dinner in the folly - it was very quiet

Sunday, we went for a walk to Island Harbour and were looking forward to a good sail home, as it was sunny and windy. But oh no. As we hoisted sails off the Folly, it started to rain and the wind died, and we got very wet and had to motor home

Anyway, it was a great weekend in good company and it was still great to be out on the water as ever. We always enjoy having Neil and Jane aboard


Went to Ocean Village in company with Scallywag 12 February 2011


Sailed up to Ocean Village with the Scallies - Sue's birthday weekend. We met Tom and Annie, who had organised a great bistro for the evening called the Oxford. Great night - great food. It was a goodish sail there but miserable and wet coming back


Went to Marchwood for the RSYC Frostbite rally 29 January 2011


Very cold but great sailing both ways


Went to Cowes with Malcolm and Mave on board and met Kotka for birthday celebrations 22 January 2011


We had a private frostbite rally to celebrate 3 birthdays: Malcolm, Richard and me. Fab meal at the Island Sailing Club


Went to Cowes with the Legends for New Year celebrations 31 December 2010


New years eve in the Thai restaurant followed by a pontoon party - great stuff. Sunday lunch at the Island Sailing Club with the Skoolies and the Scallies.


Day trip to Cowes with Andy and Tracey and Richard and Helen 20 November 2010


Had a cracking beat over to Cowes and then after a few beers in the Anchor, had a fabulous lunch at the Island Sailing Club.



Again, had a fab sail back into Haslar - good day out.


Weekend in Lymington with Richard and Helen 13-14 November 2010


We all met up on Selene on Friday night and had a drinks party with Martin and Shan from Avalon. Then I cooked RIchard, Helen, and Julia supper. Saturday morning, we set off bright and early motoring to Lymington arriving in time to do the market. Had beers in the Kings Head and watched the rugby in the pub by the station, then ate at the Kings Head in the evening.



Sunday, we set off in horrid drizzle, and no wind. Then off Gurnard, the breeze piped up and we had a cracking sail back to Haslar.


RSYC Rally to Royal Corinthian Cowes with Neil and Jane 23-24 October 2010


We all met up on Selene on Saturday morning, and set off into a brisk W 5-6. We were soon sailing and enjoying a good beat. Then the sky got very dark about 2.5 miles off Cowes and we were hit by a line squall. We had full sails up and were hit with gusts of up to 35 knots. I hove too, and rode it out for a bit and in a lull, dropped the sails to avoid damage, It soon passed and as we were so close to Cowes and it was on the nose, we motored in. South Today's weather man described it as a mini hurricane on Sunday evening!



Anyway it all settled down and we came into a sunny Yacht Haven. Adam and Alan took our lines, and we settled into some champagne and lunch. A leisurely afternoon followed, with time for a swift cat-nap and then togs on and up to the Royal Corinthian for a really great evening. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were mixed in with the Royal Corinthian people - we already knew John and Shirley, and got to know William and Amanda better too.


We were invited for a nightcap aboard by John and Shirley which rounded off a splendid evening.


Sunday was a nice Northerly F3-4 and so was a superb reach back under sail. The wind died just round Gillkicker and we came back into Haslar in lovely weather and had brunch. Good to see Neil and Jane again.



Day trip to Cowes 17 October 2010


Richard, Helen and Julia came down Saturday evening, after I had spent the day doing jobs on Selene - like fitting the new depth guage and chatting to our new Haslar buddies - the Scallywags - well Mike anyway cos he was doing jobs too!


We invited Martin and Shan from Avalon around for Gin and Tonics, and then after they left for a Beneteau Owners do, I cooked up supper for us all.


Next day, we had a lovely gentle sail over to Cowes Yacht Haven in nice sunny weather - Fab. We were booked in for lunch at the Island Sailing Club, which was really delicious and had a sunny motor back in hardly any wind - superb day out, and good company.


Legend Owners Rally Bembridge 09 - 10 October 2010


Malcolm and Mave joined us on Selene for the trip to Bembridge, as with the expected sea state and wind strength, they preferred to travel with us rather than in Snowchick. They were in fact attending a Westerly Owners Rally which was happening at the same time as our Legend Owners Rally! So we flew both burgees!


It was a biggish Easterly 4-5 occ 6 and the sea did heap up, so it was a wise choice on their part.


We had hazy sunshine and enjoyed lunch in the cockpit.




Our Legend owners dinner was at the Sailing Club and the Westerlies went to the Brading Haven. It was a good night and we met and spoke to Marcus and Jennifer and had a great evening.


Next day was lovely and sunny, and the wind still fresh. Went for a walk after breakfast and sailed back in a brisk E 4-5 in glorious sunshine - great! Really enjoyed having Malcolm and Mave on board again.


Short break to Alderney and Cherbourg 24 - 29 September 2010


Julia and I were a little late getting down on the Friday afternoon and although the forecast was for a N 5-6 we got NNW / NW so it was a beat to Cowes. It was a rough old Solent and a bumpy ride, and as we headed down the Western Solent we regretted those few minutes of lateness as being a big spring tide, the last 2 miles into Yarmouth were very slow. Instead of arriving in the light, we arrived in the dark. No problem though, but it was tough inside the harbour with the wind now as forecast - a big Northerly. Anyway we moored up well even though the wind was trying to blow us off and Julia cooked supper.


We were up and away at 0500 in the dark, again with a big Northerly 5-6. Popped all the sails up, and we flew downwind for 5-6 hours. The sea was lumpy but going downwind and with plenty of breeze, I was able to surf the waves. Some of the gusts were 30+ knots. Later the wind eased, but the sea didn't, so it started to roll through us, and the gybe preventer saw some real action. Even I struggled with some of the waves, and after the block on the gybe preventer shattered, I reduced sail - had a few hairy moments as we had to clear a big ship before we could reef! Anyway, it was still a hairy ride so much so that we were both hanging on a lot, but at least it was quick.


Eight miles from Alderney, we were treated to a huge school of dolphins who came up and rode with us for half an hour. They came so close to the cockpit you could almost touch them. They swam under the boat, leapt up and out of the water and swarmed all around, and generally had loads of fun. It was too bumpy for Julia to get the camera, and I couldn't let go the wheel in the seaway, as it was heaping up towards the Alderney race ( we were doing 10.5 SOG ) and initially we thought they would be gone very quickly. So sorry, no photos, but WOW what an experience for us.


The last time we were in Alderney, it was packed and we picked up the last available buoy - this time there was only one other yacht! We got organised and went ashore. Drinks in the Sailing Club and then fish and chips at the Braye Chippy. Yum yum.


It was not pleasant overnight as the Northerly gave a nasty swell in Braye Harbour. We didn't hang about going ashore Sunday morning and read the papers outside the Divers in glorious sunshine.


We then had Sunday lunch up at the Georgian House, and finally got to ride the tourist train in the afternoon. The weather was warm and sunny, but still with a keen cold Northerly breeze.



We had drinks in the Sailing Club again, then at the Braye Beach Hotel, and then in the Divers where we met Rich Webb - a bassist in a band! Back to the boat and again it was uncomfortable, so we decided not to stay any longer and run for Cherbourg in the morning.


We left as soon as the tide went our way in the morning at 0700, and it was a NW 5-6 and a very rough sea across the Alderney Race. There were times when steering the boat was almost impossible and we were rounded up into some fierce waves. Mostly I was able to bear away and surf off when the big ones came, but we did get a few soakings.


I had all sail up as really the wind strength wasn't the problem - just the sea state, and with the right amount of sail ( for downwind that is ) it gave me more control. We were travelling over the ground very fast and our peak SOG of the back of a wave was 12 knots. We made the outer walls of Cherbourg harbour in 2 and a half hours from Braye!!!


What a contrast in Cherbourg - flat calm and we could move about the boat without hanging on grimly the whole time!


We had moules frites for lunch and spent money in the supermarket buying cheap wine. A super pizza for dinner in town, and having looked at the forecasts, we decided to cross channel the next day. Good move as the really bad wet horrid weather came in the day after!


Had an uneventful and pleasant crossing back in a steady W4 - so nice and easy after all the efforts of the previous days. Only downer was the kicker fitting shattered coming into Portsmouth - more jobs!


We still had a day extra of holiday, and on the Wednesday, we just pottered and did jobs and treated ourselves out to a nice Thai meal in the evening. By which time the weather was wet windy and dreadful, but we were in the car by then!


Family trip to the Folly Sunday 19 September 2010


Our eldest son James was down for the weekend and my sister Linda, husband Colin, and their daughter Stephanie joined the three of us on Selene Sunday morning. There was a brisk 4-5 occ 6 WSW and we had a good sail all the way to Cowes.


We were allowed to moor outside another yacht on the Folly pontoon and so were able to walk ashore. We met my sister's other daughter Emily who is now married to an Islander ( see HMS Warrior in these logs earlier in the year ) in the pub and all had sunday lunch.



We then went for a walk towards Newport and collected some sloes for making the traditional Selene drink, and then enjoyed a super downwind sail in the same conditions all the way back to Haslar. Cracking day out - lots of sailing too. Only downside was that the autohelm started to play up and will have to be fixed asap as we hope to go cross channel next week or the week after. It's been rushed to Greenham Regis to be fixed.


Southampton Boat Show 11/12 September 2010


Had a great sail up Southampton Water on the Friday afternoon in a WSW F5/6 - fairly tight, but good fun. Tony and Heather met us on the pontoon and took our lines in Ocean Village and we had drinks in the cockpit with them. We then went for dinner with Gordon and Christine, and we had a great evening.


Saturday we walked to the show. Saw some boats on the pontoon, and had champagne on the Dean and Readyhoff stand (Haslar Marina). Dick and Alice joined us, and then we met Neil and Jane there.


We had lunch in the RYA lounge with Neil and Jane, and then bought new oilies and a jacket for me and some deck shoes for Julia and got some logo-ed sweatshirts. Saturday evening, we saw Adam and Louise on the pontoon and ended up in their cockpit for drinks with their two boys Thomas and Ed, and Brett and Susan also popped in for a drink. We then had a drink at the bar in the RSYC clubhouse and then went to Pizza Express and had an early night.


Sunday, the weather was sunny. We again walked to the show, saw a few boats and then met Malcolm and Mave at D & R. Great to see them again. We repaired to the Bistro bar, where we met the Scallywags and Terry and Jean also joined us. We had lunch with the Scallys in the RYA lounge and then took them to D & R to talk to Ben about winter berthing.


We then headed back to Selene and had a sunny motor sail back to Haslar


Legends Rendevous 4/5 September 2010


Had a great sail over in a light-ish Easterly to Cowes on the Saturday morning, where we then rafted alongside Scallywag in the Yacht Haven. Had lunch at Pier view with the Scallys, said Hi to peeps, then chilled and then hosted drinks for the Scallys and Skoolies, then the drinks party on the pontoon and a great evening at the Island Sailing Club.



Sunday, we had breakfast at Tiffins with the Scallys and then headed off to Gins for lunch with the RSYC Cruisers. Had tea and coffee with Rex aboard Rise and Shine, and then a great lunch with our crowd. Met Phil and Tony who are Hythe mafia!


The only downside to the weekend apart from the crap weather was a motor into the wind and tide back - Yuk - still it's over now.


Long weekend in Weymouth 27/28/29/30 August 2010


Took the spring tide all the way into Weymouth - a nice N 4-5 reach most of the way, just going NW so a fetch into Weymouth bay. Weather stayed OK - got the bridge lift at 1800 and tucked into Weymouth Marina. Got fish and chips and said Hi to Bacchus. ( Lloyd, Gemma, and their boys Lewis and Taylor ) We went into the Royal Dorset YC and met Commodore Gareth, and had a good time. We were too tired for anything else and went to bed early - as did the Bacchus crew!



Saturday, the weather wasn't beach weather, but Bacchus were trying to be beach bums anyway. We mooched around the shops and the seafront and saw Bacchus on the beach then had a quick drink in the YC and chilled. Drinks on Bacchus at 1730 followed by a meal in town all together - great evening and great company.


Sunday, we cycled out to Portland and then later met Bacchus in the YC. Then back to Selene, where we hosted drinks for Paul Mason, who I work with and his family, and Bacchus joined us too, so the boat was busy!


Sunday evening, Julia and I cycled out to the Crab House Cafe, and had a romantic dinner - yum-yum! Then we got a taxi back and met the Bacchus crew in the YC.


Monday, we got the 0800 bridge lift, where Bacchus was waiting for us, and we sailed in company to Cowes. N 4 reach again, but we motor sailed to make Hurst and the BBQ. We fought the tide from Cowes, but all met up at Woodpeckers later for a BBQ and we introduced Lloyd to shotguns!



Great shakedown BBQ, and a great weekend spent in the company of Lloyd & Gemma and their great kids - we really enjoyed it.

Folly and Gins for Sunday lunch 21/22 August 2010


Had all the fresh water pipes changed during the week before, and I went down Friday night to tidy up. Julia, Aly and Graham arrived Saturday morning and we had a very windy and lumpy sail to the Folly.


We then had lunch and walked into Newport. Evening in the Folly where we were joined by Tom and Annie and Carol, and we danced on the tables.


Sunday, we motored over to Gins for lunch and motored back - not much wind. Rained and was grey ALL weekend.


Scrubbing berth in the Hamble 7 August 2010


Time to clean all the goo off the bottom of Selene, so a day on the berth, scrubbed off at lunchtime ( before the rain ) into the King and Queen for lunch, then the boat floated and I got the lines adjusted, and we had a great meal in the bugle.



Early start back to Haslar to take the tide, and went to the office where we saw Richard and Helen, and later we had Tom and Annie round for a BBQ.



Legends beach BBQ at Langstone 31 July 2010


Julia and I got down to Selene on Friday evening and motored round to Langstone early enough on Saturday to see where the beach was as we acnhored. We had planned to take the dinghy up to the pub at the top of the harbour, but the outboard would not start and then the string broke. I repaired the string but it would still not start and that string broke too, so it's been sent to a man who fixes these things. We rowed over to David on Wagtail ( Helena was arriving in the afternoon ) for a drink, and then we relaxed in the cockpit. We had the Bacchus crew aboard for drinks at teatime but Lloyd had to leave in a hurry, as his boat went aground as the water went down.



Had a great BBQ on the beach, drinks aboard with the Scallys and more drinks aboard the Bacchus disco boat.



Sunday we had the usual breakfast on the beach - thank you David and Helena for you efforts, and there was a rounders match as well. Chilled in the cockpit and then were treated to a very fine lunch by the Scallys - thanks Sue - yum yum! Then the tide came up and the current in the harbour entrance eased, so we motored back home




Poole, Wareham and Yarmouth 9 - 15 July 2010


Julia and I got down to Selene on Friday lunchtime and got into the Beaulieu River before the East going tide got too strong, and picked up a buoy for the night. It was sunny, but quite windy. The wind had been on the nose, so we had motor sailed. Had a nice meal aboard and chilled.


Saturday we sailed to Poole and were pre-booked into Quay Haven by the town quay. Again sunny but quite windy. Had a beer in the Brewhouse, and relaxed in the cockpit. We then went to our favourite family-run restaurant Hardys and had fresh crab - wonderful.


Sunday we took the flood all the way up to Wareham and were given a riverside mooring by the lovely people at Redclyffe Yacht Club. We were parked right into the reeds and sat in the mud for an hour or two at low water. The river is pretty narrow as you can see in the pictures.



We took the dinghy up to Wareham and had a drink in the pub and got some ribeye steak for supper. Then we came back and enjoyed a hot and sunny afternoon in the cockpit and a fab supper cooked by yours truly.



Monday, we took the dinghy up to the Yacht club and had showers and then went and anchored in South Deep for lunch while we waited for the east going tide to Yarmouth.


We then had the perfect sail - steady force 4 from the SW on the quarter all the way from Poole Harbour entrance to Hurst. Good job I had booked Harold Hayles as Yarmouth was ram jammed! Managed to find a bit of pontoon space with only a foot ahead and astern!!! I had to bring the anchor inboard to avoid clashing with the Bav ahead!


Julia cooked a wonderful pasta dish, and we went into town for a few drinks and inevitably got chatting to some yachties. These guys had a Fulmar, and apparently knew Simon and Emma - our Legend friends.


Tuesday, we cycled up to the Red Lion at Freshwater for lunch and then took the bus over to Ryde to see the Scallywags who cooked us a fab supper - thanks Sue! Bus ride home and brandy to bed.


The forecast for late Wednesday and Thursday morning was for force 8, so we abandoned the idea of Gins Farm for Wednesday night and got out into the east going tide as soon as we could on the Wednesday morning ahead of the frontal system and its rain. It was a 4.9m spring tide, so with 15 - 25 knots of S / SE we flew back to Haslar - very gusty and speeds over the ground around the 9 - 10 knots mark. We got in and tied up, got the tent up just before the heavens opened.


We chiled in the tent and the weather cleared ahead of the next band of rain which would bring the real wind, so we went into Gosport to stretch our legs and did a little shopping. We then came back and showered and went to the Great Wall chinese restaurant and had a great meal there. On the way back, we were called over by Martin and then had drinks aboard Avalon with Martin and Shan, and their friends Roger and Jean - which was great.


We then listened to the wind howling all night. Bramblemet showed mostly 40 knots through the night and was still recording 38+ throughout the morning, plus it looked very rough, so good decision to come back earlier.


We then pootled home to pack and get ready to go to Spain with the Skoolies. Looking at the forecast for the next few days which shows more unsettled weather we are glad to be going somewhere sunny.


Emily's wedding aboard HMS Warrior 3 July 2010


Julia and I took Selene over to Gunwharf about 3pm on the Friday, having reserved our space a year ago. All three boys arrived about four, and after they did some shopping, we went to Cafe Rouge for dinner.


The weather was very hot on Saturday, and my mum and dad popped in for drinks on their way to the wedding. It was too hot for getting into suits!





HMS Warrior is a superb setting for a wedding and it was fabulous, with the actual ceremony, reception and evening party aboard.



Sunday morning, everyone came around to see Selene in Gunwharf and we had a pontoon party.



We then cooked the boys a brunch, and they drove off back oop North. We motored back home to Haslar, chilled in the cockpit, said hello to the Skoolies and came home exhausted, but very happy after a wonderful weekend.


There are more photos in the photos section. Next up - Holidays!!



Newtown, Hythe and Cowes with Neil & Jane 19/20 June 2010


Neil and Jane came down Friday night and we had fish and chips aboard, and a reasonably early night.


Saturday we sailed to Newtown River. The bulk of the Round the Island Fleet were behind the Island, and although we missed the first boats, we did go past the finish as several big boats were finishing. There was a good breeze to sail in - N or NNE 4-5, but it was cold throughout Saturday.


We got into Newtown at low water, and it was full. I went down to the shallow end in case the last buoy was free, and as I was turning round to come back and anchor, I got blown onto the sand. It was a rising tide, and so we were off in a few minutes. Watching our difficulties, another boat on a buoy invited us to raft, and then announced they were off to Shalfleet for lunch, so we ended up with our own buoy anyway!


We hid behind the sprayhood as the wind was not so warm, and we had lunch in the cockpit, and then motor sailed up to Hythe Marina, where we were invited to stay outside Tom and Annie's house on their mooring for the night. We dodged four cruise liners in a row up Southampton Water, and got free-flow into Hythe. Tom and Annie took our lines, and we invited them aboard for drinks, and they had also invited Gareth too.


We then went to the local Thai restaurant, and a good time was had by all. Nightcaps were kindly provided in Tom and Annie's lovely pontoon house - number 15 White Heather Court .



Next morning, I cooked a full English for seven aboard, and then Jane did her first lock.



We motored down to Cowes as the wind died and tied up on the outside of Shepards. Neil and Jane went shopping, and we met them up at the Royal Corinthian YC for drinks.


It was by now so calm and warm, we were able to have lunch in the cockpit on the outside at Shepards without the boat bouncing all over! A lovely grazing lunch and a gentle motor sail back to Haslar with the sun at our backs.


We quickly tidied the boat up and bid our fond farewells, and rushed back for some Woodpeckers sunshine. A great weekend - as usual there are more pics in the photos section.


Gins Hog Roast 12/13 June 2010


Although the forecast was for no wind, a N / NNW force 3-4 greeted us and we had a great sail all the way to the Beaulieu River entrance. Wings of Hamble phoned us to say that they had booked us onto the pontoon so that we could get together, and although we nomally prefer to take a buoy, we confused John and Robert at Gins by rafting up!


We were outside a the motor boat belonging to John and Angela Rice and inside them Gordon and Christine in Aquarius. We went up to the bar and said hello and Tony and Heather from Wings joined us. They were moored in the other raft, so for lunch we hauled them over to our cockpit in the dinghy!



We then had drinks aboard Aquarius, and after a snooze, changed and went for drinks aboard Wings. They had three land-lubbers for the evening, who came by car, and we had some fun getting the three girls aboard, as they had to clamber over Prop Rider.


The hog roast was very good this year, and we had a good evening. We sat near Tom and Annie whom we met in St. Vaast and we made arrangements to see them up at Hythe next weekend.



Sunday was a lovely morning with a gentle SW, and as we had plenty of time, we hauled the sails up just off the pontoon and sailed out of the river and all the way back to Gilkicker with the boat goose winged from Cowes with the jib poled out. Beautiful and peaceful.


Home via the Office and we had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine at the Wylds, and a BBQ


RSYC St. Vaast Rally and the Baie de Seine 27 May - 6 June 2010


Thursday 27 May 2010


Had a traffic jam on the way down, and I couldn’t get the GPS on the laptop to work, so a little frustrating as we set off into the evening sunshine.


Having left Haslar at 2015 under motor, just past Spitsand, we lost the main chartplotter, which turned out to be a trip, but whilst pulling the wires about, I moved the auto helm and that stopped for a while until I put it in its correct vertical position!


No more mishaps after that and we motor sailed through the night lit by an amazingly bright full moon. Got a bit windy mid channel, and I hand steered for a while rather than put a reef in as it was short lived. Not too much traffic about but I did force a tanker to avoid me in the small hours when I was stand on boat.



It was a beautiful sunrise, so I kept going and we got to St. Vaast in 12 hours and the gates had just opened. After hanging on the hammerhead, the boat inside and next to Rex said they were going, so we waited and tucked in next to Rex with his usual crew of Richard and Ken and a new one Gareth – a great bloke as it turned out.


I slept for an hour and then we had oysters and moules frites at the Buccaneer – our usual, and then sunbathed as it was glorious. Slept a bit more and then ate aboard.


Saturday was wet and windy, as forecast and Julia wasn’t too well, so I cycled in and got some bread, but we missed the market. We had drinks aboard Ke Mara – Mick Wigfield with his crew of Brian and Leslie. Julia and I went around to Grumpy bear ( Philip and Diana and their two charter guests ) for coffee and then to Mr Gossellin where this year I insisted on talking with Bertrand and using the Rex connection. We spent nearly £400 on wine, and got it delivered back to the boat and rode in the van too. Grumpy bear were also in Gossellin and so we came back together as they spent £500!


We sweet talked Bertrand into donating 12 bottles of fizz for the Sunday lunch, and we got a huge free bottle of Bordeaux as well.


Then we dressed up for dinner at the Panoramique which we went to in a fleet of taxis as usual. John Peacock made a prat of himself, and the restaurant messed up the drinks bills, but it was still a great evening. We sat next to Gareth, Ken, Mick, Linda ( Cloudy bay – her husband Ken wasn’t well and stayed on board) , Richard and Rex. John and Judith Murray further on our table were more troubled by Peacock and his crew of two. Judith was quite upset.






Howard and Ann moored next to us (they being on the hammerhead) in Lady E. Invited us and Gareth in for late night drinks.


Sunday the weather was improved – sunshine intervals but a bit blowy. As there were 40 + people lunch was divided into 4 groups but we were in the Rex group and sat in the cockpit with Lee (Carol below) and Richard and Gareth, and a new couple to us: Tom and Annie  (Nikitoo) – who were great fun.


We were then invited to drinks aboard Paul Frampton’s Victory and met Tom and Annie’s crew Carol who was also good company. We then had some tea, and invited Howard and Ann and Gareth for drinks aboard Selene. A lot of calvados disappeared.


Monday, we headed out in the sunshine to Grandcamp Maisy, which was a lovely little town with a great harbourmaster. We had eaten lunch on passage, so wandered about town looking for an evening restaurant and had drinks at the Cafe du Port.


We had chosen a little brasserie, and had a reasonable dinner there later.  It is a very busy fishing port and the boats were in and out during the night opening of the gates.


Tuesday, was the bad forecast day, and the drizzle and rain came in early as we “did” the market. We then left as soon as the gate opened at 11, and got soaked going up to Courceulles.  Very small in there and we ended up taking a hammerhead right down in the marina as the visitors was too small.


The sun then came out and we went for a stroll. We ate at the La Belle Aurore right on the corner of the marina which was a lovely traditional place and the food was great.


Next day we cycled into town and found it to be a lovely tourist place. We liked it a lot.


Then off again when the gates opened, and finally the wind got up enough for a cracking sail along to Dives sur Mer. The wind got right up and the sea became a mess. Julia retired for a while and I sailed Selene to the edge of the sand bar, and then dropped the sails. It was very bumpy and tricky following the channel in, but it settled near the entrance, and Julia was up and about to steer whilst I readied everything.


The new visitors section was closed, so I chose the next pontoon, wanting to point into the cold NE, and only realised after tying up that this was new and not yet “officially” open yet.


Anyway, the harbour master was great and let us be the first boat to ever moor there, and allowed us to cut the tape! He had to come down to switch the electric on. There is a big opening ceremony at the weekend apparently. 



The marina is big and has residential all around and the whole thing is really well done. We cycled into town and had drinks in the square after visiting the old village. We then cycled out to Cabourg which was all closed and then along the coast to the very pretty if touristy Houlgate, where we sat on the beach waiting for the pizza place to open, and then had pizzas and cycled back.


Thursday dawned sunny but still with a keen NW, which was a tad chilly. We busied ourselves with jobs waiting for the gates to open, and then headed off to Honfleur at 1310. Initially it was a beat, and quite blowy, but as we turned the corner, the wind died and the sun got hotter, as we motored into the lock. We had just missed free flow, but Julia did a great job of lasso-ing the floating bollard.


We then went into Honfleur and found a finger on the eastern side, and sunbathed for a while and went for a walk. Then we then ate at La Bisquine – our favourite.


Friday was the first non sailing day for a while and we wandered around in the morning and sun-bathed in the afternoon. I cooked entrecote aboard – a wonderful day in a beautiful port.



Saturday was still hot and sunny, and market day. We “did” the market and then had drinks at the Yacht club – they were very welcoming. We had expected Alison and Bob for lunch, but they never showed or phoned, so we had lunch at the Bisquine – again! There we met Eloise and Andre from New York, who popped aboard later for a swift drink.



At the first bridge opening at 1630, we motored out and caught free flow through the lock and headed off to Le Havre, where we knew we could leave early the next day without bridges and locks and 10 miles nearer home. We tied onto the visitors pontoon, only to be moved by the harbour master, but I persuaded him to give us a finger a lot nearer than the other main visitors pontoon way on the outside.


Julia had researched a Moroccan restaurant “Atlas” and we cycled off for supper – great meal! Then a few drinks in the cockpit for the early start next day.


I was up at 0400 BST – first light and while Julia slept on, I set the sails and got us out of Le Havre. Had to dodge a load of racing boats coming back in from a night sail and the usual loads of lobster pots. These really are becoming a worry, and I think a rope cutter is getting high on the xmas list.


The wind was on the nose and then very close hauled, and although it was sunny and clear, it steadily rose all day, and 30 miles out it got into a 6 with a nasty seaway. We were tossed about a lot! When we finally got in, I had to raise the main again to hose off the salt water right up to the top batten – that was how high the spray had been – I had taken many duckings at the helm!!


Anyway – home safe, and everything worked, and we were quite lucky with the weather. It was a great week. More photos on the photos page as usual!



Mini Rally with Snowchick 22/23 May 2010


Glorious sunshine and high temperatures meant a motor over in convoy to the Folly. Snowchick with Malcolm and Mave was slightly ahead, and we caught up with them at Gilkicker. We arrived early at the Folly and got a great spot on the southern end of the Newport pontoon. I reversed Selene on to get the cockpit facing the right way, and after we had all tied up, we had pink wine and champagne and then a cockpit picnic lunch.



Sunbathed and chilled all afternoon as the pontoons filled up. Then the ice maker was called into action as we had G&Ts before going over to the Folly for dinner. By now Skoolie Too had arrived and got in touch so they joined us for the meal.It was great to see "Big" Andy again and he gave us a great table.


A most enjoyable evening, and plans made with Colin and Julie for later on in the summer! Sunday, I cooked breakfast for Snowchick and Selene and Colin and Julie joined us for coffee later. A good sea breeze got up and we managed a bit of a sail before it stayed on the nose, and we decided we wanted to get back to the Wylds to sunbathe, so we motored in and enjoyed the Wylds in the sunshine and had a BBQ.



Gemma's Birthday BBQ at Port Solent 15/16 May 2010


We took Selene up to Port Solent so that we could stagger back after a great BBQ at the Wheelhouse establishement. A great night out.



We had lunch at Prezzo on the Sunday, and gently back via the Office.


Mini Rally with Wings of Hamble 24/25 April 2010


Tony sailed Wings of Hamble round to Haslar on Friday evening with a couple of mates, and Heather met us on Selene just before they arrived. Tony's mates departed and I then cooked for Tony and Heather aboard Selene (chilli con carne) and a pleasant evening was had by all.


Saturday, Tony left ahead of us and we motored out on our way to Yarmouth into a glorious day. To our surprise, the breeze got up and we were able to fly the kite nearly all the way to Yarmouth. I had booked us into Harold Hayles, so we were assured of a berth, and we tied up at lunchtime.

We had drinks in Selene's cockpit, and then a trip into Yarmouth for some shopping.



We then were treated to a fantastic afternoon picnic aboard Wings of Hamble sat in the afternoon sunshine. Thank you Tony!


We then went for drinks at the pub, and snacked out on cheese and biscuits aboard Selene whilst watching Ashes to Ashes - very enjoyable.


Tony's brilliant idea of booking us into Gins for lunch on Sunday did have a serious flaw. To catch the last of the East going tide we had to be up and way by seven on Sunday morning. It was raining and foggy, so although it was early, I was glad to have the tide with us and have a quick motor to the Beaulieu River rather than slogging against the tide later.


History was made as Julia moored Selene for the first time against the river pontoon, ferry-gliding in using the tide and the wind like a pro. We then all had showers and rested up before getting John the bosun to take us over to Gins for lunch.


The weather had by now cheered up again, and it was sunny. We enjoyed a splendid roast lunch, and cracked off back for home into a really good SW breeze. We waved Wings of Hamble goodbye as they turned up Southampton Water and we had a great sail back into Haslar.


Although we had seen Tony and Heather a few times before, we all really got to know each other this weekend, and I think we were all surprised how well the four of us got on. Looking forward to seeing you guys again - more mini rallies to come!


Easter 2010 - Lymington - not Cherbourg! 2/5 April 2010


The weather won again, as it was too windy to contemplate a channel crossing, and when Neil and Jane dropped out of the trip as Jane had teeth problems, we decided not to go for a long trip, but rather to tuck up in Lymington and take the bikes.

So we still went down on Thursday evening, ate on board and met Colin and Julie from Skoolie in the Castle for drinks. Then on Good Friday, we battled 30 knots of SW to Lymington and tucked into Berthon. A few pints at the Kings Head, meeting a nice group of people ( Tony and Debbie - Tony's parents have a motor boat in Brighton Marina) followed by a snooze and a lovely meal at Prezzos which rounded off a windy day.


Saturday morning was spent in the market, and a few more pints in the Kings Head. Saw the same gang again, and then went aboard Scallywag now on the Town Quay for drinks to while away the afternoon.


We were invited back for Doctor Who and dinner which made a splendid evening.


Sunday, Goose, Scally and Bacchus all went to Yarmouth. We cycled to Keyhaven, fell in with a group of cyclists who were also sailors, so we chatted and cycled with them. They were going onto Milford, and we went with them for a look around. Nice little place. We then came back to Keyhaven and sat in the Gun and read the Sunday Papers, ate Sunday lunch and then took the ferry out to Hurst Castle.

The weather was the best day of the weekend, and out of the wind, the sun actually felt warm for the first time this year. On the cycle back, we stopped and had a couple of drinks at the Yacht Haven's Marina bar upstairs and sat on the veranda in wicker chairs out of the wind in the sunshine - glorious!

Sunday evening, we ate on board, and Monday morning in a big SSW F6 we absolutely FLEW downwind back to Haslar. We were maintaining over nine knots over the ground for most of the trip, and clocked the 17 miles from the starting platform where we put the sails up to Portsmouth Harbour entrance in two hours and five minutes!


Great weekend - as ever rounded off by popping in the Office in Petersfield and finally watching the new series of Ashes to Ashes when we got home.



Gins Fitting out supper and Cowes for lunch with the Geese 13/14 March 2010


Saturday was sunshine and cloud, and little wind, so we motored to Gins and picked up our usual buoy off the pontoon. After a drink at the bar, we relaxed and slept, and then enjoyed the Titanic dinner with a great talk about Southampton Docks.


We met Max Spencer Smith and got on well with him and his wife and had a great evening.



Sunday was cold but sunny with a good breeze 5-6 N. Thus we were able to sail straight away off the buoy and all the way to Cowes.


Went on the outside of Shepards just opposite Ghostly Goose, and it was very rough. We had to put all the fenders out.


Had Coffee with Paul on Goose (Kath was shopping) and then went shopping ourselves. We then met for lunch in the Duke of York, and went for a drink at the Island Sailing Club afterwards, whilst we waited for the tide to go East.


We then headed off, and initially had a great sail, but the wind was dropping, so we motored the last into Haslar. Nice weekend.


ECA Rally to Bembridge – Selene hosting with Malcolm and Mave 6/7 March 2010


We all met up on Friday morning and had a very pleasant beam reach in the cold sunshine putting the sails up as we came out of Portsmouth harbour, and holding a single tack to the Bembridge tide gauge.


We then enjoyed the sunshine before putting the cockpit tent up and having lunch. We then enjoyed chatting to Rob and Jonno.



We went for a walk along to the Baywatch cafe, and watched Kotka coming in, and enjoyed her interesting 360 degree turn while dropping the mainsail. (A prize was later awarded for this) Tony Browne also arrived, and the ECA rally was starting to form. I then cooked a cassoulet for supper and we watched a DVD before bed.


Saturday, Julia Malcolm and I went up to the bookshop and had a drink in the Vine, where we were joined by Richard, Helen, Charles and Nicky from Kotka. We then came back down to find the catamaran Badgie 2 had already arrived, with Derek and Sheila Ellinor with their guests Brian and Carole, and we also welcomed in Graham and Val Holt in their GK29. We got them alongside Tony Browne.



Tringa 2 with Dick and Alice and their crew of Graham and Wendy Davis were next followed by Bev and Sue Dickens and their two guests in Clarabel which went alongside Kotka. We also saw APB arrive with Ludy.


Soon it was the drinks party aboard Selene, and with APB turning up as well, we ended up having 25 aboard for drinks.



We all took the water taxi to Brading Haven YC for a splendid evening with excellent food. Very cold coming back on the water taxi later!


Sunday, we went back over to the club for lunchtime drinks and saw Trevor and Val our Legend friends and Peter and Sue Biddick. Great atmosphere.


We then had a cracking sail back in a fresh ENE 5-6, having to beat to counteract the current. Really exhilarating. Kotka was also diverted into Haslar for the week, and so we had G&Ts aboard Selene before everyone departed their separate ways.


Great weekend.



RSYC Rally to Bucklers Hard with Neil and Jane 20/21 February 2010


We all met up on board on Friday night, and we had a leisurely Saturday morning waiting for the tide. The sun was out, blue skies, and we all went into Gosport and sampled the market before a bug brunch and then motoring off towards the Beaulieu River at lunchtime.


We got a little wind off Cowes and managed to sail over to the River entrance, otherwise it was light.



We had a walk into the tourist bit and remembered why we hadn’t been back to the Master Builders last year, as the service and quality of the beer was dreadful. Something that carried on throughout the evening meal later.


The rally was hosted by James Hanratty, and all four brothers were there, Patrick, Peter and we met John for the first time. Their friend and family lawyer, John Peacock came up by dinghy, and there was also Bob and Jackie by car, Chris and Hilary – new members in their new Southerly, and David and Kirsteen in Pyxis.



Drinks were in the bar and despite the service being dreadful, we still had a great night.


Sunday we found a steady 12 knots from the SW, so were able to sail the length of the Beaulieu and into Cowes where we moored in Shepards as per usual for lunch.


A shopping trip through the town, with a livener at the Island Sailing Club,  followed by fantastic Roast at the Duke of York. They are so good in there! Complete contrast to the night before.


The wind stayed steady, and we were able to fly the cruising chute all the way back to Portsmouth – wow!


Jane and Neil enjoyed themselves, and we can’t wait to have them aboard at Easter when we hope to make Cherbourg.


Quick stop in the office where we saw Richard and Helen, and home contented – great weekend again.


Legends mini-Rally to Dell Quay SC for Sue’s 50th Birthday party 13 February 2010


After spending time on the water with Motortech, we could not diagnose anything mechanical, so I called RS Divers who found that the new outer gaiter had not been glued on properly by Gosport Boat Yard, and had been hitting the prop giving us the noises. They removed the gaiter, and finally on Saturday, we had a complete trip. We motored out through the Inner passage into a 4/5 NE, and had a cracking sail to West Pole. It was very cold.


We got in on free flow, but got given a naff short pontoon and had to wait for ages while they punched everything into their dammed system. Methinks it’s the system before customers here.


Got into Chichester Marina and had lunch and a snooze. Then walked up to Dell Quay, and had a beer in the pub. Then all the Legends arrived and we decorated  the club house for the party.


Back to the marina to get changed and drinks aboard Iona, and then all in a cab - Skoolies, Iona and us – Goose was dried out on Dell Quay. We had to all wear some tin foil (!?)




Anyway, a great night out, and cab back. The Legends had clubbed together to get Sue a day on a tall ship, and she was sooo thrilled. Plus she got her own skateboard.


Very cold overnight, so we had to break the ice as we left. It was very cold on the way back – it was a very light NW, so we were still into it. Motored all the way, and then home to watch the England Italy game –which was a bit of a disappointment, but England did win.


RSYC Rally to the Hamble 6 February 2010


More problems!  Because of the tides, we came down about 12:30 and in glorious sunshine and looking forward to a keen North Easterly breeze, we motored into Haslar lake, and pulled the main up, then increased revs and motored into the Harbour entrance.


Julia and I both noticed that the engine did not sound right, although it was not overheating this time!

We turned around, dropped the sail, and motored back into the berth.


It appeared to be a problem only when in gear, and it didn’t seem to be anything around the prop as that generally judders the boat, and we have had plenty of those before.


There have been some problems with the boat being in drive when the lever is in neutral, since the new saildrive gaiter, so I thought maybe it was the linkage, so I tried to adjust that but it didn’t really seem to get corrected, but in the berth the engine sounded OK.


So we motored out again, and as we opened her up, the noise was awful – sounded like a loose nut in the gearbox, so we abandoned the idea of going, and took the scenic route around in the car to the Hamble. Being in the afternoon, we couldn’t get anyone from Motortech or Gosport Boat yard, so that’s a Monday morning call.


We got to the Hamble and watched the first half of the rugby in the King and Queen, (England v Wales) then joined the rally with drinks on board Aquarius – thanks Gordon and Christine, and then had dinner at the Victory. Got home, and watched the second half of the rugby.


Sunday, we retired to the Office and met Richard and Helen, and watched the France Sctoland game on the new big screen.


Day trip with Mike Hall on the new Discovery 50 Catamaran 4 February 2010


Mike is interested in buying this amazing 50 foot cat for a life out in the Med. This is the first of this design and we had a day out on the Solent to put it through its paces. I didn’t know what I would think but I was blown away – it is awesome.




More photos on the photos page.


RSYC Marchwood Rally 23/24 January 2010


At last the snow went, which forced the cancellation of the ECA rally, and we were able to get out onto the water.


The new water pump is incredible, and I have never seen the engine run so cool before. In fact it took so long to register any temperature at first, I thought the engineer had disconnected it!


Anyway, we motor sailed up to Marchwood on a grey cold afternoon, with the odd sunny interval. It was cold on arrival, and we joined three other boats there. Gordon and Christine gave us tea aboard Aquarius on arrival and then Peter and Wendy did the drinks party on Ear to Eternity. We then ferried across in dinghies as the pontoon was away for maintenance, and a great evening was had ashore.




Back safely in the dinghies, we enjoyed whisky aboard Aquarius before bed.


Sunday morning we were up and away – motoring as there was no wind, and had a pleasant trip back. Popped into Portsmouth to see Lloyd’s new Car dealership, and then a swift one in the Office on the way back. Great weekend.


There was also a good report on the RSYC website:




The snow moved further south and stayed far longer than usual this winter disrupting the mid-week rallies, so it was pleasing that not only 37 members signed up for the first of our frostbite rallies but that the weather remained sufficiently amiable for five yachts to make the passage up river to Marchwood’s pontoon.


 Now this was not necessarily the short hop from Ocean village for all, Selene is moored in Portsmouth, but their navigation is more direct and sure than some of those who came by car.


The office had warned that although the pontoons were in place the link to the shore had been removed for dredging. Hence it was a great relief when they all arrived safe and dry in MYC’s clubhouse by using a dinghy and Peter Whatley’s rope to pull them themselves back and forth.


I’m not sure if this idea was inspired by the news that the Cowes floating bridge was out of action or nostalgia for the old Itchen ferry but for Saturday evening Aquarius Ventures, Ear to Eternity, Laurella Jo, Selene and Pyxis were masters of probably the only chain ferry working in Southampton Water.


After an excellent dinner the evening finished with an icebreaker exercise. With six new members present it was a good opportunity for established and new members to talk and continue the process of getting to know each other. All that remained was for the ferry to return the crews to their boats for a Sunday return to base. All told a promising start to 2010.


Brian Hinde, Captain of Cruising


East Cowes for Boxing Day at Emily’s and RSYC Folly lunch 26 / 27th December 2009


Emily wanted everyone over on the Isle of Wight for my mum’s birthday, so we sailed over with James on boxing day and stayed in East Cowes. Emily and Steph picked us up and we had a great time at Emily’s. We got a taxi back later.


Sunday, we walked to the Folly and met all our RSYC friends, and then had a cracking sail back to Gilkicker. Once again, the engine overheated soon after switching on at Gilkicker, and this time I sailed her right into Haslar Creek, and we just used the very hot engine for the last few 100 metres into the berth.


Since then we had the very bad weather and were snowed in, but eventually Motortech diagnosed a new much bigger pump, and this has been fitted.


Selene in Gosport Boat Yard  9 – 27th November 2009 ( and Newtown River aboard Northern Spirit)


After all the drama of the previous weekend, I went down on Saturday 7th November and sorted the engine out. When I looked at the impeller that I had only fitted the Sunday before it was broken. So after some to-ing and fro-ing to the Volvo dealer, we discovered that there are two impellers listed for our engine, and it’s hard to tell them apart. The spare I had fitted was the wrong one, and simply wasn’t up to the job. It also turns out that the previous impeller fitted at the last service wasn’t right either, but because it had almost instantly distorted it “sort of “ worked for the past few months. It now explains why we couldn’t rev as high as normal without the temperature gauge going up.

The difference in “fit” with the correct one gives the game away – you have to hammer it in, whereas the wrong one can easily be pushed in. Anyway that’s all sorted now, and a correct spare to hand as well.

The GPS and VHF went back to Greenham Regis, and they were able to reset the GPS and it all seems OK now – we shall see. They also tested the VHF and found nothing wrong, so we are suspecting a problem in the power connection, which I shall look at in due course.

Selene was then craned out for a new sail drive gaiter to be fitted, anti-foul and hull polish and some internal fibreglass repairs where we had some cracking, which we saw at the original survey, and now really needed sorting. Sadly the bad weather came in, and so the one week of work ended up being three as we had gales and rain for most of the month.

I am certain I left the jib properly secured, but on the night of Friday 13th, the jib blew out and flogged all night. It’s not shredded, but looks tired now. It was still blowing a seven when I went to inspect the damage, so I still haven’t fully assessed that until we can sail her.


Newtown River aboard Northern Spirit 28 / 29th November 2009


Gosport Boatyard were not sure if they could get Selene back in the water in time for the weekend rally, so we had booked to go aboard Northern Spirit – a Najad 400 belonging to our friends Adam and Louise Greig.


Although there was a lull in the weather Friday afternoon, and they got Selene in and round to Haslar, there still wasn’t time to put the GPS and VHF back in and the other tidying up required after the work, so we stuck with our plans to go on Northern Spirit.


The forecast was horrendous, but we went anyway! Actually, it was fairly quiet on the Saturday getting there, but just as we entered Newtown the heavens opened and the wind got up. We still went by dinghy and footpath to the pub, and the rain eased a bit. Great food and company. There were 6 boats including us.

We looked at the forecast and figured we would have a window early in the morning where it would be windy, but not the force 9 or 10 around lunchtime. We set off at 0800 and had the small genoa up and a small amount of main. The wind was 35- 42 true but downwind, so it was exhilarating and smooth on such a big and heavy boat. She sailed beautifully.



We all enjoyed it and Louise cooked us a big breakfast on arrival into Ocean Village. We of course stopped at the Office on the way back! Great weekend.

Legend Halloween 31 October 2009


Julia and I got down on Friday afternoon and motor sailed out of Haslar just as it got dark, and tied up alongside Colin and Julie on the Folly pontoon. A couple of drinks with them, and then the Scallys tied up outside us and 27 of us sat down for dinner in the Folly.


Saturday morning, we motored into Island Harbour, and after making toast for the Scallys and us, we cycled into Newport. Went back to the Premier Inn to re-live the 2008 IOW Festival – very nostalgic.


Bacchus were very impressive on arrival as was Sue’s spider.


Then lunch in the Bargeman’s rest, and we were joined by Colin and Julie and Simon and Emma who had all walked with the dogs. We then went into the classic boat museum, and then back to the boat.  At 6, we had food from all the boats shared out on a bench, and a bonfire and fireworks.



We sneaked off with the Scallys onto Selene and watched Strictly (recorded earlier ) via our Slingbox and then joined the pontoon party. The smoke machine was in use!


Sunday night a huge storm blew over, and a lot decided to stay. We really wanted to get back so left and had a lot of help through the lock in the breeze. When I started Selene, I noticed the engine didn’t sound right, but the gates were opening and people standing by, so I went in. Soon after clearing the lock, she overheated and we sailed under jib to the river pontoon opposite the Folly, to wait for the engine to cool down and have a look.

Lady Muck with Neil, Ian, and Pippa pulled over to help, and we stripped the engine down. The impeller was gone, and we couldn’t really find any weed or blockage, so I replaced the impeller, put it all back together, and she sounded normal again.


So, Sunday roast at the Folly, and then we motored happily down the Medina with Lady Muck to sail home. The engine was fine, but after a couple of minutes the C80 GPS packed up and just kept re-booting itself, and stayed that way. Oh well, I know the way home.


Got to Shepards and hoisted a single reef in the shelter there and then charged out into F6 W gusting 30 knots. Goose winged very fast and surfing to Gilkicker, where just as we approached the harbour entrance, I put the engine on, which sounded fine, and dropped sails as we were in the lee of Haslar bank there.


As I put the main away, the engine sounded wrong again, and sure enough, overheated again. I rolled the jib out, and advised QHM that I would sail in. They were in a bit of a flap about me keeping to the West, but my VHF was starting to fail, and they couldn’t hear me properly. I then tried Haslar to see if they could help me onto my berth when I got into Haslar creek, and they couldn’t hear me either, so now the VHF is kaput as well! I rang them on the mobile and we slowly sailed into the harbour, with the wind all over the place as usual.


I finally got an angle for Haslar creek and as I got back near Ballast buoy, the whole harbour entrance was filled with tugs, police boats and the Navy’s new Destroyer coming in completely taking over the whole entrance. We just slid into Haslar creek in time, and John in the Haslar rib helped nudge us into our berth. I was able to sail right up the creek, and berthing was easy with motorised assistance!


Wow – what a load of things to go wrong after such a lovely weekend. We got home exhausted!


Gins Laying up supper 17-18 October 2009


Julia and I went down to Haslar Saturday morning, and had a cracking sail in a Northerly F4 to Gins. We picked up our favourite buoy just off the pontoon and after a few lunchtime drinks at the bar, relaxed aboard. Tony and Heather Birr turned up in Wings of Hamble and we sat next to them at dinner, and had a splendid evening.

No wind on the Sunday morning, but it was nice weather again, so we motored back and stopped in the Office on the way back as usual.


Chilling in the Solent mini-cruise 10-13 October 2009


Julia and I went down to Haslar on Friday evening and I got up early and motored us to Lymington before the tide turned. Came out alongside Ghostly Goose and we chatted along Haslar Bank.


We got into Lymington in time for the market, and some fantastic sunshine. We went back to Berthon, as we love the shorter walk and the fantastic showers. We relaxed in the sunshine and then I cooked steak.



Sunday – the weather wasn’t so good, so we abandoned plans to go to Gins and motored over to Yarmouth and had lunch at the Royal Solent. Then we drank in the Bugle later.


Monday, we cycled to Fort Victoria and up the Yar Valley for drinks at the Red Lion at Freshwater. All in glorious sunshine. Then we motored to Swanwick – the Solent was so empty! Again enjoyed the sunshine and then took the dinghy over to the Jolly Sailor for dinner.



Tuesday, we did some boat jobs in the sunshine and had a lovely gentle motor back in the sunshine and stopped at the Office on the way back.


Legend Rally to Bembridge 3-4 October 2009


Julia and I went down to Haslar on Friday evening and had drinks with Colin and Julia in Landers. The forecast was for lots of wind Saturday but from the SW, this would be a good sail to Bembridge. We left at 0830 double reefed and had a fabulous sail in 25 – 30 knots of SW. Even the weather wasn’t too bad.


Arrived on the Duver and rafted outside Leoni and then went aboard the Goose for a while. Much amusedness, and watching the boat parking entertainment. We then had drinks aboard Selene at 1700 and then water taxi to the Bembridge Sailing Club.



Dinner was a fun time and we all enjoyed ourselves! We then retired back to Goose for further imbibing and retired late.



Next morning, as arranged, Snowchick arrived and we cooked breakfast for Malcolm and Mave, and then went for lunchtime drinks at the Brading Haven Yacht Club. We then managed to sail most of the way back in light winds, and as usual stopped at the Office on the way home.


Boat Show and “Snowchick Rally”, Ocean Village & Swanwick11-13 September 2009


I finished work at 12:30 and we rushed down to Haslar and were welcomed by a NE 5-6, so sails up and sailing fast from Gilkicker all the way up to Ocean Village. Great sail.


We had no problem berthing in the club pool, and Christine nabbed us for a photo shoot just after arrival. She wanted us to model some of the new club regalia – sweatshirts and the like. Great fun. Then we went for drinks with Adam and Louise aboard their lovely Najad, and I then cooked us a meal aboard.


Saturday we walked to the boat show, met Keith and Lorna in the queue and we all met up for drinks on the Dean and Reddyhoff stand at 11:30, also meeting Malcolm and mave who had already moored Snowchick in Swanwick.



We also met up with Mike and Sarah looking at the Discovery 67 and 55, and then after some shopping, we walked back to Ocean Village and got another cracking sail down to the Hamble River. Again NE – this time 4-5. We motored up to Swanwick and moored up safely.


We then went for drinks aboard Snowchick, and went to the Jolly Sailor for dinner. Excellent service from Manda who manages the pub and waitress Natalie. Great food and great people.


Sunday again brought a good NE 5-6 and saw yet another cracking sail from the Hamble river entrance to Gilkicker – Wow! Tidied up and stopped at “The Office” in Petersfield on the way back, followed by BBQ at Woodpeckers.


Legend Owners Annual Rendezvous, Lymington 05/06 September 2009


Julia and I left Haslar late Saturday morning into a W5/6. Did a zig then a zag, and then motored to Lymington. Sun shone at first and then cloudy for the rest of the weekend.


Moored up as one of 24 boats, and by 4pm, we were already partying on Iona. Then we had the official drinks on the pontoon next to Revel, and then a dinner in the library at the Royal Limington YC.  Great fun.



Finally drinks on Goose, and bed around 11! Being spring tides, we had to be away around 9am, so we were a bit bleary as we motored back to Haslar – in little or no wind of course!


Great weekend with some great friends.


Bramble bank cricket match & Emsworth with Neil and Jane 22/23 August 2009


Julia and I got down to Selene about 1730 on Friday, and I fixed the traveller and the loose connection on the compass, and then cooked supper. We then helped a guy who had smashed his knee getting off the Island Packet, looking after him until the ambulance arrived  and then after a drink in Landers, Neil and Jane arrived about 2200.


I got up and got the boat out at 0520, and Jane joined me after about 20 minutes. We motored to the Bramble Bank and saw the end of the very short annual cricket match between the Royal Southern and the Island Sailing club. By now Julia and Neil were also up. We then motored to the Emsworth Channel where we picked up a buoy and had breakfast in the cockpit in lovely sunshine.



Soon the water was high enough for us to get into Emsworth Yacht Harbour, where we tied up on the now vacant B pontoon (Tarquin having gone bust). Keith and Lorna came to see us and we drank some bubbles.


We went into Emsworth, and had a jar at the Coal Exchange and the Bluebell. Later Jim came round for a drink, and in the evening we ate the Sussex Brewery.



Next morning was hot and sunny. I got the papers, and cooked breakfast, and Neil and Jane went for a walk. Then when the water was high enough, we motored out over the sill and out to West Pole. We managed a sail from there to Portsmouth, and had lunch on the way. Back into Haslar, and Neil and Jane set off on their long journey back.


A really great weekend, and a hot and sunny one.


RSYC Joint Rally with Royal Corinthian & Royal Naval & Albert  15/16 August 2009


Saturday brought a good SW / W F5, so we motored to about half a mile off Gilkicker and set sail, beating all the way up to Southampton Docks. It drizzled at first and then although grey, cheered up a bit. Good sail though.


The pool had been especially emptied for the rally and so we easily got a finger next to a Fairline from the Royal Southern. We chilled and then had a mini drinks party with Rear Commodore Sailing Gordon and Christine – who often provide us with B&B when we go to Ocean Village by car. Adam and Louise Greig whose boat is in OV, stopped by earlier and we invited then also.



The evening was great and we met some nice people from the other yacht clubs. In fact there were only two from the Royal Corinthian: John & Shirley Thornback who were in the motor vessel Cybaris – an early prototype for the Nelson range. The food at OV wasn’t up to much – lasagne and chips (!) and indeed John Thornback was ill overnight, so he said.


Anyway, we enjoyed the evening and the company, and had late night drinks aboard Cybaris, along with David and Heather from the Royal Southern.


Sunday dawned sunny, and we had a lazy morning and breakfast in the cockpit, then a great sail back. We popped the chute up at the docks and carried that to Fawley, where the wind gusted up to 21 knots and was slightly too tight for the kite, so we dropped that and flew along Lee on Solent at 7.5 knots. Overtaking some bigger boats that had gone past us while we were struggling with the kite.


Great sail, followed by a de-brief at the Office on the way back and a BBQ at Woodpeckers.


Keith's 60th Party and a day trip to Cowes 8/9 August 2009


Saturday lunchtime, we enjoyed some sunshine at last at Keith's for his 60th birthday party. Really enjoyable time.



We then went on to Haslar and had drinks with some of our Legend friends, and then later I rang Richard to see where he and Helen were - expecting them to be in Dartmouth or somewhere - only to find they had been delayed on their holiday start and were just coming into Haslar!


I quickly arranged for them to come onto A pontoon, and we enjoyed their company in the conservatory when the sun went down.


Next day, we set off for a day trip to Cowes, where we saw the massed start of the Fastnet race, and then tied up in Shepards Wharf and had lunch on the balcony at the Royal Corinthian YC. Magic - at last some proper sunshine!


We had a lovely trip back and a BBQ back at Woodpeckers to round off the weekend.


Summer Cruise – Channel Islands 9 – 26 July 2009 (305 nautical miles)


Julia and I went down to Selene late on the Wednesday evening and we motored out of Haslar at 0410 on Thursday morning. I was a little late setting off and the wind I expected wasn’t there to give us the extra oomph, and as a result, we didn’t get to Hurst as early as I would have liked and ate tide to the Needles.


After that we settled into motor sailing as there was still very little breeze. A NW 4-5 occ 6 had been forecast but we never saw that and the biggest apparent we saw all day was 17knts  W.


Anyway the weather wasn’t too bad, and we made Braye after 14 hours. We took the last visitors buoy – or the first as you go in if you like. We have never seen it so full. We decided against going ashore as we were so far out, and our new cockpit tent – our conservatory, was most acceptable. I cooked supper and we chilled.


Next morning we spent quietly in the conservatory and set off about 1.75 hours before HW Dover to catch the race. It was a beautifully sunny day and the F 2-3 W forecast turned into a wonderful W 5-6 giving us a speedy reach down to Sark. Then the wind died and we again motor sailed into St. Helier. We arrived in really quick time, and just as the gate was about to open, but found ourselves at the back of a queue of 20 boats, so it took another half hour to get in.


We were quickly tied up and off out to supper as I had already booked Casa Mia from Alderney, so we missed Philip of Grumpy Bear who came round to see us. We had a super Italian meal, and it was a great evening.


Saturday morning, we set off into town for the market and some shopping, and we met Philip and Diana on the way back, so they came around for drinks in the conservatory. We had a great afternoon, and somehow I don’t remember the rest of the evening!



Sunday morning, the weather was improving from the grey and rain of Saturday, so we set off on the bikes to St. Aubin and had Sunday Lunch at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club which is really lovely. Everyone was extremely friendly, and they all wanted to talk to us. The steward(ess) Eileen and her assistant Andrew were extremely helpful and nice, and an eccentric old gentleman called Ashleigh Kirsch (or Kish ?) told us about the engines on the famous Westward and then drove off in his Model T ford wearing Mr Toad goggles!.


We also met Nigel Philpott, who gave me his card – and it was one of the most interesting I have read – “Director of High Value Residency” for the States of Jersey. We got on very well with him and arranged to see him the next day, as He had to shoot off with his family.


We then cycled out to Corbiere lighthouse via a lovely old railway path. On the way back we stopped in at the club for a swift one, where we ended up chatting to the Commodore Lynne Cook and her husband Chris along with “Irish” Steve – a personal trainer and his girlfriend Barbara and their friend Peter – a lawyer.



The afternoon drifted on into the evening and we ended up having an Italian meal with Chris at a nearby restaurant called the Barca. Lynne never made it and we cycled back in the dark a bit worse for wear!


Monday, the weather improved and we cycled into town for some wine and water and other heavy items – hence the bikes. Nigel Philpott rang and invited us for lunch at the Royal Yacht Hotel which was a lovely outdoor affair in the sun.


We then retired back to a glorious sunny cockpit on Selene (The tent taken down) and we enjoyed Nigel’s company. He was on the phone to the great and the good that he deals with and was off after seeing us to a BBQ with Nigel Mansell ! I then cooked rib-eye steak on the BBQ and we enjoyed a very pleasant evening. Annoyingly though, the clouds came over and so it was grey in the evening.



Tuesday dawned sunny again and after seeing the excellent maritime museum, we cycled off to Gorey where we had lunch at Nigel’s recommendation, at Suma’s where we sat on the balcony looking at the sea and the castle. We cycled back along the coast road and then Nigel popped over to take us to see his lovely motor boat - a Corvette 425 called Amicus. We enjoyed a bottle of wine aboard, and then we chilled in the conservatory and had a supper of crab sandwiches.


Overnight into Wednesday, it was very windy and noisy, but the sun came out about 9 am. We had decided to stay another day after some shopping, we cycled to the yacht club again for lunch. Much quieter than the weekend but still very friendly.


We then cycled to St Brelades and back into St. Aubin, but this time we stopped for a drink in the pub, The Old Court House, and lo and behold, who should come past but Nigel! We chatted to him for a while and then cycled back. We then had a seafood supper on board.


Thursday, the weather was sunny with little wind, and so we motored off to St. Peter Port. Things were beeping as we came out, and we soon realised that we had no compass, so again no auto helm – on a sunny motoring day! To cap it all, whilst we were nearly knocked over by Condor coming in the Jersey Coastguard gave a brand new strong wind warning. I couldn’t make it out due to the noise of Condor, so had to radio the coastguard for details – anyway – it was “soon” meaning at least six hours, which gave us time to get into St. Peter Port.


I turned the autohelm on and off a few times to no avail and then settled to hand steering. After a couple of hours, I tried again, and this time it all came up and worked.  This was great as it was a lovely sunny day, and it was nice to relax and let Otto drive. We then completely lost power as we went through a huge patch of weed, and it took some time running forwards and in reverse to clear the weed off the prop, before we could get back up to speed again.


We got safely into harbour, and were lucky enough to get the last finger and just as I finished tidying up and settled down for a beer in the cockpit, the clouds came over and the weather deteriorated as forecast.


We then had a wander around and drinks at the yacht club followed by dinner at the french place Dix-Neuf – a nice bistro.


Friday was a grey and drizzly day which we spent shopping. I bought a new laptop, and we drank in  the yacht club and the pub. We didn’t win the meat raffle at the club! The Wifi didn’t work at St Peter Port either except if you went to the office with your laptop! Joke really. But cheaper than paying vodafone £8 a day. We ate in with me cooking a gourmet chicken dinner.


Saturday started sunny, but soon came over all wet and horrible. We had a wander round – saw the hill climb and had lunch safely out of the rain in the conservatory. What a sensible purchase that has turned out to be! Then a siesta as it rained harder. I then cooked sausages and onions and we drank more red wine and continued watching the DVD of Francesco’s Mediterranean voyage in the Black Swan.


Sunday started grey but turned out very sunny and windy. We went to Herm in the morning and came back and had lunch al fresco on the pavement as they had closed the road for Sunday. We were given great service by the girls at the Ship and Crown, and invited one to the boat. We sat on Selene listening to the golf and the Australian girl from Queensland, Tamara arrived with her fried Lauren from Beer (in Dorset). We shared a bottle of wine with them and listened to their exciting plans – both “travelling” and enjoying their freedom.



We then repaired to the Cock and Bull which had a lot of real ales on and watched the play off (Stuart Cink easily beat Tom Watson) and then back to Selene, where Julia prepared Tuna and sweet corn pasta – an old favourite aboard. And of course, another bottle of red and more Francesco DVD! Cherbourg tomorrow, we think.


Monday morning was a lazy affair waiting for enough water over the sill to head for Cherbourg. We were away just after 1500 and had a good trip up to Cherbourg, crabbing across the Alderney race. We saw a French submarine as we came into port, and we found the new pontoons very comfortable and much longer and had a quiet evening watching the stars in the conservatory.


Sadly Tuesday was wet and miserable all day. We did the Carrefour shop and had Moules frites in the rain. It rained so hard, we didn't bother going out in the evening.


Wednesday was the sensible day to go x-channel, and so we set off at a very civilised 0700. We did the perfect "S" curve, east first, then west, then east at the Needles and straight into Berthon where we were booked in. We had mainly SW 4/5/6, and the auto helm coped admirably, until… it failed after nine hours, but as we were at the Needles in 10, and parked after 11 in Lymington, it wasn't so bad - just annoying.


Next morning, Andy from Greenham Regis came round to the boat, and we diagnosed a dead gearbox, which when replaced, sounded better than it has ever done, so it's likely that's been the root of most of the problems - we shall see. It was a sunny but windy day, so our planned lunch at anchor at Hurst went out of the window, and we had drinks in the sun trap at the Kings Head, followed by lunch in the cockpit.


We then motored round to Gins in a very stiff SW 6, and spent a very pleasant evening at Gins. We met Dave and Gemma on Sohar, who were also going to Bembridge the next day.


Next morning after a real downpour, the sun came out and it was very windy again. We had a simply cracking sail down to Bembridge and found that now it was the school holidays, we would have to raft - the first time all holiday. We rafted against quite an old tub with strings, ladders and all sorts making it very difficult to clamber over, and the two guys seemed fairly clueless!


Later on, purely by co-incidence, the harbourmaster put Sohar outside us, and so after lunch we all got together in Selene's cockpit for a Pims afternoon!



Saturday morning was quite pleasant and we got the bikes out. We chatted to Peter Biddick in the office for a while and then cycled to Seaview and the Dell Café along the beach beyond. When we got back we could see that they were preparing for many boats, so we thought we would scarper before the mayhem began.


We only just got away before being buried deep in a raft and had a swift sail back to Haslar where we chilled in the cockpit. We then went over to Gunwharf and ate at la Tasca and when we came back, Aly, Graham, Neal and Jane, who had sailed Green Rival round from Southampton came aboard for conservatory drinks.


Sunday morning, we read the papers in the cockpit and then packed up and went home - via a full de-briefing in the "Office". Good holiday - very disappointed with the weather though.


Legends again!  26/27/28 June 2009


We took Friday off work, and Motortech did a major service in the morning, and Julia came down by train and Brompton at lunchtime. We then motored over to Gunwharf where those Legends invited gathered under the Spinnaker Tower to celebrate Mike and Sue's 25th Wedding Anniversary.


The weather was glorious and we had drinks aboard followed by a fantastic evening upstairs in the Tower, which was taken over exclusively for the do.




Saturday, we anchored in Osborne Bay for lunch and then took over the Folly pontoon. We had dinner in the Folly, but had to be off the table by 8pm, so instead of waiting for the dancing, we turned Goose into a party boat complete with the disco lights from Bacchus.



Next day, we stopped at Shepards and had lunch for 18 in the Duke of York, and then back to Haslar. A really great weekend.


Legends in Langstone Harbour 13/14 June 2009


I fitted the repaired sprayhood and the replacement course computer on the Saturday morning, and then we went and did all the circles again in the Harbour to set up the new auto-helm - which is now working again!!! Hooray!


We then motored into Langstone Harbour and anchored up with the Legends. In the evening, we all went ashore for a beach BBQ and the girls danced around their handbags.




We had drinks with Kath and Paul aboard Selene and then we all moved to Bacchus for drinks and disco. On Bacchus were Gemma and Lloyd and their friends.


Next morning was bacon butties on the beach provided by the rally hosts David and Helena on Wagtail, and we played rounders. The weather was superb. The event was rounded off with an ensign motor-past. We then motored back to Haslar before the tide turned and got to "the Office" for lunchtime drinks, followed by a relax in the garden at Woodpeckers.



Cruisers Hog Roast at Gins 6/7 June 2009


Julia and I put a single reef in and with a steady F5/6 Easterly cut the engine at Gilkicker and flew to the Beaulieu River entrance. Quite a windy day, but pleasant weather. We picked up a buoy downriver from Gins, and after lunch, John Bird took us ashore with our bikes, and we cycled to Lymington, and after a swift one in the Kings Head, we took in the market, which was still going.


Back aboard for a chill in the cockpit, which was fine if you were out of the wind, and then as John was working the evening, we were ferried ashore again for the Hog Roast. We met new member Adam, and it was great to see Tony and Heather again, with their friends Martin and Abby. We sat next to Rex and Joyce and Bob and Jackie over supper, which was pleasant, and the food was fine apart from the endless queuing.


The forecast for Sunday was dire with rain all day, but it chucked it down in the night, and we awoke to sunshine. In fact as we set off at 0830, we were surprised to have a fantastic sail on a beam reach in the sunshine!



We then headed for Petersfield and enjoyed the food festival, and then back to Woodpeckers for Pimms in the garden. Ed arrived by train, as he was overnighting on his way to Heathrow for his month travelling in Asia. We had a BBQ and watched some tele, before retiring reasonably early, as Ed had to be at Liss Station for 0700!



RSYC & LOA Rallies to St. Vaast   21 - 25 May 2009


We left Haslar at 0440 on Thursday morning, and motored past the Bembridge Ledge and then picked up a super breeze and sailed for five hours before it went light and we motor sailed. The breeze picked up again off Barlfleur and we were again able to sail the last couple of hours down to St. Vaast. We arrived exactly as the gates opened and charged in with the rush. Great sunny weather all day. We moored up and shot off to get Moules Frites on our bikes, and crashed to bed early.


Next day the weather was again good, and we relaxed and did some shopping. The next gate opening saw us being squashed in our berth, and I got the Harbour master to move us onto D25 - a residents pontoon with plenty of space. The Royal Southampton crowd had arrived behind us, and we said hello to Bob and Jackie and Rex and his crew of Ken and Richard. We lazed in the cockpit in the sunshine during the afternoon, and in the evening I BBQ-d some langoustines and we ate aboard.




Saturday, we enjoyed the market and then cycled to Barlfleur and had lunch at the Café de France, which was superb. The weather got greyer and colder and so we didn't dawdle back, and it rained just after we packed the bikes away. Saturday evening we had RSYC drinks and then lots of taxis up to the "Panoramique" restaurant up on the hilltop at Pernelle. Great night out. We had Grumpy Bear's Philip and Diane and their guest Ruth back for drinks. Over the evening we met Gerry and Nick Fletcher, and Mike and Cathy (one of the four shares on Kamara) Peter and Betty were there in Kir Royale and Paul Frampton had driven over.



Sunday morning, we discovered that whilst we were out the night before, the Legends had arrived and Paul and Kath in Ghostly Goose were only two down from us, and we had coffee with them. The sun was hot and great all day - completely against the forecast and we then had a massive lunch on Arabesque and Rise and Shine, and then a drinks party with the Legends, where we met Steve, Diana and Holly on Kaikoura, and Paul asked us if we would sail in company with Gary back. So after drinks, we anchored outside in company with Gary in his 326 and I rowed him over and we fed him supper.



At 0500 we hauled up anchors and set off into a terrifying electrical storm and foul tide. The auto helm had packed up on the way over (motor died) so as I was hand steering, I wanted daylight, which cost us a couple of hours to that foul tide. It chucked it down and was thoroughly unpleasant for several hours. The sun came out in the shipping lanes but there was no wind at all day, apart from a little on the nose, so we motored, and the sea wasn't nice until St. Catherine's point. Here it got misty and drizzled. We took 15 hours coming back. Gary went into Cowes and we packed up quick and rushed home.


Great rallies, great company and some lovely weather.







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